Post Malone Reveals the Real Story Behind His Tattoo Session at the Dentist's Office

During a recent interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live,, Post Malone shared the real reason he decided to get a tattoo while visiting the dentist. Scroll on for the singer’s story.

By Mona Thomas Dec 17, 2020 1:31 PMTags
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Post Malone is the ultimate multitasker!

During the Wednesday, Dec. 16 episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, the "Circles" rapper reflected on his headline-making experience of getting a tattoo during a dentist appointment, which he simply called "killing two birds with one stone."

Post, 25, explained that he did indeed discussed the situation with his tattoo artist, 

noting that since he would be "sitting around for hours doing nothing anyways" it only made sense to "get two bad things out of the way at the same time."

The award-winning star also revealed that he does take "a little" nitrous oxide (aka laughing gas) to "take the edge off."

Host Jimmy Kimmel laughed, "That's multitasking like I've never seen before," to which Post quipped, "Welcome to the future, man, this is great!"

During the interview, the Grammy-nominated artist also discussed his fifth Croc collaboration, titled Duet Clog II and shared how involved he is in the creation of the bubble gum pink shoe.

Post Malone's Most Daring Looks

"You know, I like going back and forth with my creative and just kind of making something kind of funky and fun but something that's comfortable that you can wear every day, you know?"  he explained. "So kind of just go back and forth and just party hard."

Jimmy, who was wearing the shoes during the interview, confirmed their high level of comfort and expressed that he's "surprisingly attracted to them" since trying them on. Posty teased, "You're going to wear them at every show."

The exclusive shoe dropped last month at which time the "Sunflower" singer graciously gave away 5,000 pairs to fans to thank them for their longtime support.

"Each time Crocs and I partner, we make something better than before and I'm excited about what we came up with this time around," he shared. "Drop 5 is going to be one my fans remember."

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