Cute Cameos, a Hilarious Feud & More of the Best Celeb Game Face Moments

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The latest Celebrity Game Face was one for the books!

As part of Tuesday, Dec. 15's episode of the E! series, host and executive producer Kevin Hart led celebrity pairs—Justin Long and his brother Christian Long, Mario Lopez and his wife Courtney Lopez, and longtime friends Taran Killam and Ronnie Kimble—in a series of hilarious games, promising the winning team money for the charity of their choice, as well as the giant, gold baby that serves as the Hart of a Champion trophy. 

These games, as Kevin explained, can be described as "outrageous challenges designed to test the mind, body and soul." We're talking "Booty Shake," "Show Your Junk," and "Sticky Candy," the latter of which just launched on the new episode.

The first-time challenge, along with the many adorable cameos from Mario's kids and the hilarious banter between Taran and Kevin, made for a perfect, fun-filled hour. Find out what else you missed by checking out all of the best Celebrity Game Face moments below!

Funniest Celeb Game Face Moments Ever

The Katie Couric Tale

One game required each team to read a statement about themselves and their fellow competitors then had to decide if it was fact or fiction. Mario opted to recall a story involving both him and his wife, which went like this: "We were doing a Broadway show in New York. So I'm trying to get her to go out with me, and she was kind of playing hard to get like she wasn't interested. And she finally succumbed to my pressure."

The Saved By the Bell star continued, "And the day we had our date set, I ended up kind of blowing her off. So I kind of blew it on the first one. That was a monkey wrench in the beginning of the relationship."


Courtney chimed in with a detail that confused the couple's competitors even more. "He blew me off for Katie Couric, too!" she said.

After some deliberating, Mario revealed the story was fiction!

"So the real story is that we did have a date after the show and he told me he was going to be a little bit late because he was having drinks with Katie Couric," Courtney explained. "But then I blew him off because I wasn't waiting, because you just can't be late."

A Family Affair

Mario and Courtney's kids couldn't help but steal the spotlight! The couple's eldest child, 10-year-old Gia, was particularly eager to join in on the fun. Throughout the episode, 7-year-old Dominic and even 1-year-old Santino also made appearances. 

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Taran vs. Kevin

First Joel McHale, and now Taran—Kevin really can't catch a break. Like the former host of The Soup has done both times he's been on the show, the Saturday Night Live alum kept poking fun at Kevin throughout the episode, and at one point, the CGF host threatened to "come through this damn screen."

He even made an exception to the fact that he doesn't pick favorites as a host! "I don't normally do this but today I'm gonna make picks," Kevin said. "I think that Taran and Ronnie are gonna come last."

Hopefully, Kevin has since fulfilled Taran's request that he follow and like his pictures on Instagram.

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Not-So-Sticky Candy

Much to Kevin's delight, Taran and Ronnie did not do well when it came to the brand new game called "Sticky Candy." As the host explained, to play, one person from each team had to bid on how many suckers they could plaster onto their partner's face (which only stuck if they first licked the candies). 

Whoever bid the highest then attempted to stick the number of candies they chose in under 30 seconds. If they succeeded, they'd get 10 points. If they didn't, the other teams each received 5 points. 

Taran and Ronnie landed on the final number of 13, but despite their best efforts—Taran even attempted to stick a handful of candies at one time—they only got 11.

When Comedians Get Serious


The Long brothers were so determined to come out on top during the "Booty Shake" challenge that Justin took twerking to a whole new level, nearly throwing out his back in the process. Christian tried his best to cheer his big bro on, shouting "Forward thrust!" but they ended up taking last place. 

However, in an exciting twist of events, Justin and Christian came back from the loss and won the entire game! They welcomed their Hart of a Champion trophy with open arms.

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