Kristen Bell's "Most Annoying" Thing About Dax Shepard Is Refreshingly Honest

In the premiere podcast episode of Backstory with Jason Bentley, Kristen Bell explained how Dax Shepard helped her be more authentic on and off camera.

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Kristen Bell will admit it: Her husband really knows best.

As The Good Place star continues to raise two daughters with Dax Shepard, many fans can't help but savor any details about their relationship. Luckily, the Hollywood stars have continued to be candid over the years.

It was no different on Tuesday, Dec. 15 when Kristen appeared on the premiere podcast episode of Backstory with Jason Bentley. When asked what she gets out of being so open about her life, the 40-year-old actress kept it real.

"Peace of mind with my own authenticity I think is the best way to describe it," Kristen explained. "And this is what I say is the most annoying part of my husband. He's almost always right. When I say almost always, I mean like really almost always. It's so annoying."

The Frozen star went on to recall a point in her career where she had to do a long-form interview and was afraid she didn't have anything new to talk about. After hearing his wife's concerns, Dax suggested she talk about her anxiety and depression.

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"And I was like, ‘Have I never talked about that before?' and then immediately felt weird like I shouldn't because I was in a mindset back then that I should be more presentational," Kristen explained. "Again, allowing the sort of culture to dictate what I was presenting, which I don't do anymore. I don't abide by that."

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She continued, "I realized I had been presenting this bubbly individual and it just wasn't the full story. It didn't have the dimension and I felt this sickening wave of fraudulence and inauthenticity and I went on and I brought it up."

After many years in the spotlight, Kristen believes people want to learn from each other regardless of their status. As a result, she plans to continue sharing the ups and downs of her life with those who support her.

"You can ignore words but an example is so much stronger," she declared. "I'm going to start being who I want to be on my death bed. I want to be the person who talks honestly and says, ‘I get what I present to you is not always the case.' If you're feeling that too, just know that I'm right there with you."

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