Watch Whitney Way Thore and Chase Severino's Emotional Confrontation After His Baby News

In an exclusive new clip from My Big Fat Fabulous Life, Whitney Way Thore finally meets her ex-fiancé Chase Severino in person after the news that he's expecting a baby with someone else.

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After months apart and a big baby revelation, Whitney Way Thore is finally coming masked face to masked face with Chase Severino

During the most recent episode of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, fans watched as Thore tearfully grappled with the news that her fiancé was expecting a baby with another woman—in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, no less. Off-screen, the two reality stars announced Severino's baby news along with their split on social media back in May, but now viewers are finally seeing how everything unfolded last spring.

Over the phone, Severino admitted to Thore that he loves the mother of his child and that they are in a relationship. Then, after having not seen each other in months, he asked Thore to meet in person in the name of closure, which she ultimately obliged. In an exclusive clip shared with E! News, the former couple finally cross paths at a rest stop between Charlotte and Wilmington. And, as to be expected in those circumstances, it was tense. 

"I mustered up the courage to come here and I don't think I realized how hard it was gonna be on multiple levels," Thore says in the clip from the upcoming sixth episode. "I haven't left my house in months because of quarantine. I haven't seen Chase in months and I can't even look at him without getting choked up."

Making things more awkward, the two were both masked and meeting as the pandemic was reaching new heights. 

Whitney Thore and Chase Severino's Cutest Pics

"I feel so uncomfortable right now," Thore describes in a confessional. "I feel like I have a million questions in my head. None of them will come out and I just want to know what does he really want out of this."

While walking side by side in silence, Severino tries to talk to her. "I want you to know none of this was planned," he says. "None of this happened on purpose."

She counters, "Doing it wasn't planned or getting her pregnant wasn't planned?"

He reiterates, "None of it was planned."

In a confessional, Severino shares his side of learning he was going to become a father. "When I first found out I was gonna be a dad, it didn't seem real at first. I wasn't really ready for that conversation and I had to do some soul searching on my end," he recalled. "What's this mean? What does it mean to me? You cant get those emotions under control in a day or two. We need this meeting so she can have some closure in her life and move on and I still care for her, but you know, I think this closure's pretty necessary for both of us."


Back at the rest stop, Thore poses a major question to her former fiancé after Severino makes it clear he is prioritizing his new responsibilities. "I still have so much love for you and I still like care for you," he tells her, "but this happened now and I have a little girl on the way and I have to be there for her. I have to be a dad for her."
As Thore asks in return, "It wasn't a thought in your mind for one second that maybe you could have a baby and you could still tell me that you wanted to marry me?"

My Big Fat Fabulous Life airs Tuesdays at 9/8 c on TLC.

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