Dwyane Wade Doesn't Like Real Christmas Trees—So Gabrielle Union Got 2

Gabrielle Union divulged how she, her longtime husband Dwyane Wade and their family are celebrating Christmas this year amid the coronavirus pandemic—including their two real trees.

By Beth Sobol, Samantha Schnurr Dec 08, 2020 9:34 PMTags

With everyone stuck home for the holidays, Gabrielle Union really wants to get into the Christmas spirit—even at the risk of annoying Dwyane Wade

With that special time of the year upon us amid the coronavirus pandemic, the holiday festivities will look much different for most families around the world who are used to celebrating traditions with relatives. For the actress and retired basketball pro, they've come to expect the unexpected. 

"We don't really don't have a hard and firm tradition except the lack of tradition because my husband, for so many years, played on the holidays," she told E! News exclusively. "So, we might have had Thanksgiving in a hotel room in Philly or Christmas in an arena somewhere. Or Christmas on the 18th or the 27th. So, it's always been a lack of consistency, so this year is like, okay, one more for the record book."

Fortunately, they won't be on the road this time around, but at home surrounded by seasonal decor. "We're just trying to make the house as festive as possible. We are definitely going overboard with poinsettias and ivy and holly and two Christmas trees," Union described. However, don't mention the trees to Wade.

"He is not a fan of real Christmas trees. We responded to that with two gigantic [real] Christmas trees in the house. He's like, 'What are we doing?'" she shared. "He likes a fake tree. He likes putting it together, he likes taking it down. He likes that there's no little needles. He hates all that."

But, as Union reasonsed, "We're trapped here, so let's get into the holiday spirit."

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While they're social distancing, Union, who's partnered with Shipt, can use the service's shoppers to buy items without ever leaving the house. "As everyone's trying to figure out ways of staying home and staying out of the stores and getting all the things you need, whether it's dinner for friends or sending something to someone, what I love about it is there's a person who actually communicates with you," she explained. "They'll be in Bed, Bath & Beyond and they'll say, 'I know you sent me here for one candle, but they've got two for the price of one. Do you want to get in on this deal?' They're actually communicating with you."

And, eventually, Union is looking forward to the time in 2021 when it's safe to be all together again. 

"Just knowing that people are going to be alive. You know, reading about somebody like [NBA star] Karl-Anthony Towns losing seven members of his family including his mom," she recalled. "That's what I'm looking forward to—people being safe and healthy. There's not really a destination that I'm thinking of, it's more like outside…just outside. Like not having that feeling of panic. Just a life knowing that people are safe and healthy and we've all done whatever was necessary to make that happen."

When that time comes, though, don't expect the proud parents to bring their 2-year-old daughter Kaavia to meet Santa Claus. 

Wade "is not a fan of Santa. He's like, 'I bought that.' There's no Santa stuff," she said. "Can you imagine Kaav's face sitting on some stranger's lap? Now that I'm saying that out loud, I'm like, yeah after talking about stranger danger, you're going to go beg some stranger for things and sit on their lap and present, like, a handwritten letter to a strange man while you sit on their lap and beg for things? No. I can't imagine my husband would be okay with that."

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