Krystal Nielson On “Scary” Moment She Found Out She Was Pregnant While Still Married to Chris Randone

Bachelor in Paradise Krystal Nielson detailed her “anxiety” after discovering she and boyfriend Miles Bowles were expecting just three months into their relationship.

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Bachelor in Paradise alum Krystal Nielson got candid about learning she was pregnant with boyfriend Miles Bowles' baby, despite still being legally married to ex-husband Chris Randone

Krystal joined friend and Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Shay on the Dec. 4 episode of Scheananigans With Scheana Shay to discuss the many changes in her personal life over the last year. She explained that while she and Miles always wanted to start a family, the timing was earlier than they had planned, just three months into their relationship. 

"We were tracking my ovulation and I was like, 'Babe on Christmas Eve I'm going to be ovulating so we actually were like, why don't we try for a family then,'" Krystal said. "That was a week before we found out we were pregnant."

She added that it was "scary" finding out they were pregnant.

"Especially so soon in a relationship," the 33-year-old admitted. "Especially me still being legally tied in this marriage and having this whole public thing around it."

Krystal said that despite the pregnancy causing "a lot of anxiety and worry," she explained that she "just knew this was an incredible lesson for me to grow, to lean into love, to have faith in myself and Miles and my future and know that God gives us only what we can handle." 

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The reality TV star said she wants to use her "incredible story" to inspire fellow moms-to-be, adding, "… that kept me really strong and grounded and confident stepping into this role of motherhood and into my relationship with Miles. We're so excited about the future."

Krystal and Miles announced that they were having a baby on Instagram in November, with a photo of the reality star and Miles holding a sonogram photo.

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Shortly after Krystal and Miles shared the news, the fitness coach's former husband Chris, who she met on Bachelor in Paradise and wed in a televised ceremony hosted by Chris Harrison in 2019, revealed he was upset about the situation on Instagram. The two split up in February and officially filed for divorce in August. 

"Icing on the cake for feeling truly broken," Chris responded in his Instagram Story to a fan who asked about Krystal's pregnancy. "But I know in my heart I'm gonna find a super dope woman and have the most beautiful babies a dad could ask for." 

Krystal revealed to Scheana that she did not disclose her pregnancy to Chris prior to the announcement.

 "We were dealing with some legal stuff, like, really near to when we made the announcement," she recalled. "I was planning on telling my ex but when the time came I was like, ‘You know what?  It just doesn't feel right to message him right now."

Since then, the exes have made amends. "We actually talked yesterday," she shared. "He texted me and he said he thinks I'm going to become a wonderful mother and he's really, really happy for me and hopes that we can become friends and be there with each other. So we're on really good terms."


Despite the complicated situation with Chris, it seems that Krystal is happier than ever. She announced her romance with Miles in October, with a photo of them kissing on Instagram

"I've learned this year to lean into love...To let go over the constant anxiety over what people think of me...And to stop putting MY life, and the things that me make ME happy, on hold," she wrote. "I am sooooo excited for this next chapter."

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