See Nikki Bella and Artem Chigvintsev Have a Candid Conversation About Their Future

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Watch: Nikki & Artem Discuss Their Future: "Total Bellas" Recap (S6, Ep3)

Figuring out their future.

On Thursday, Dec. 3's all-new Total Bellas, Nikki Bella and Artem Chigvintsev had some big conversations about their future ahead of son Matteo's birth. This topic of conversation came about after Nikki learned that her fiancé didn't have a will.

"You need a will," Nikki informed Artem. "What if something was to happen to you tomorrow?"

He responded, "Well, I'm not planning to go anytime soon."

Artem's response wasn't exactly what Nikki wanted to hear. Thus, the Dancing With the Stars pro offered up a reluctant, "Ok."

As the conversation continued, Nikki revealed they had "so much to think about" before Matteo's arrival, including the little one's middle name and godparents.

Nikki commented, "He's gonna be here so fast."

Although Artem understood Nikki's point, he reminded his fiancée that these things weren't "so urgent" as a decision didn't need to be made that day.

Before departing on their joint babymoon, Nikki shared with Brie Bella about Artem's lack of a will.

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"Artem doesn't have a will?" a shocked Brie exclaimed. "Nicole, he needs to get one. Because you guys aren't married, you really have to kinda sit down and think about all these different little parts."

Furthermore, Brie urged Nikki to "come up with a good co-parenting plan, just in case of anything."

Even though Nikki knew she needed to have these important conversations with Artem, she was hesitant to do so.

"It's definitely difficult to have these conversations about planning our futures," Nikki explained to the Total Bellas camera. "Especially not being married.

"And you know what?" she added. "It's the paperwork and it's all this that takes love out of the game that just freaks. me. out."

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While away in Flagstaff, the topic of wills and parenthood plans came up once more. Brie asked the expectant couple, "Have you guys ever talked about how you guys want to raise Matteo?"

Daniel Bryan (born Bryan Danielson) piled on by asking, "Do you guys have a will and everything?"

Once Nikki assured the Total Bellas family that she had an updated will, mom Kathy Colace advised the twosome to look for "the worst-case scenario" in order to be prepared.

She pondered aloud, "If the worst thing happens, what needs to happen?"

Thus, Kathy asked what would happen to Matteo if Nikki and Artem broke up.

"I mean, Matteo would come with me because I'm the mother," the Belle Radici co-founder stated.

Artem didn't necessarily love this answer and went on to highlight Nikki's frequent travel for work.

"You're always busy, always on the phone," he said in a tongue-in-cheek way. "I feel like, actually, I'll probably be more suitable…"


This caused a slightly tense back-and forth between the engaged duo. Yet, by the end of the conversation, Artem said he just wanted "what's best for the kid."

To lighten the mood, he quipped, "So, what are we doing now? Calling a lawyer?"

However, Nikki declared that they "had a lot" to figure out.

Later on, during a one-on-one conversation, Nikki and Artem addressed the family's questions about their future.

"They are things that have to be talked about because it's a life," she relayed. "I think it's actually better to have that plan before, if anything ever bad happened with us, because we'll know the plan moving forward."

Still, Artem was hesitant to make a co-parenting plan since their respective situations could "change dramatically."

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After hearing Artem's side of the conversation, Nikki realized that she and her fiancé just want what's best for Matteo.

In a confessional, the professional dancer explained, "I never experienced in my family having a will. So, it still kind of feel new and fresh. But, I totally understand where Nicole come from."

He concluded, "Matteo is the priority and we want for him to have the best life he can."

The one decision they did make? Brie and Bryan would be named legal guardians of Matteo, if anything happened to them.

For all of this and more, including Artem and Bryan's bonding adventure, watch the recap video above.

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