Bachelor Nation's Trista Sutter Says Husband Ryan Is "Struggling" With Mystery Illness

Bachelorette alum Trista Sutter opens up about her husband’s mysterious illness. Find out why Ryan Sutter is “struggling” to get answers.

By Mike Vulpo Nov 30, 2020 9:55 PMTags

Trista Sutter is looking for answers.

While The Bachelorette alum is trying to enjoy the holiday season, a mystery continues to surround her family: Why is Ryan Sutter, 46, not feeling his best?

"I'm struggling," Trista, 48, shared through Instagram on Nov. 28 with a photo of her husband. "This rock, my best friend, my hero, my struggling. Not everyday, and not to the point that he can't work or cook or exercise or be with family, but enough. We've been struggling for months. Struggling to get answers."

Trista recently received confirmation that Ryan doesn't have cancer. At the same time, the firefighter still doesn't have a diagnosis for the discomfort he is feeling.

"A HUGE relief...without a doubt, especially after fighting to find a doctor to take symptoms that lined up with lymphoma seriously and advocating for the scans to rule it out. But part of us was wanting a diagnosis. Wanting to be able to fight for him to be cured instead of fighting for an answer," Trista shared. "How messed up is that? Don't worry, I know. It's messed up. But, that's where we are. In a holding pattern of not knowing. And believe me...I know it could be worse, so for that, I am thankful."

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The former reality star went on to express gratitude for having her family together during the coronavirus pandemic. She also is thankful to have health insurance so she can continue looking for answers. At the same time, Trista said it's hard to always put on a brave face.


"But if I'm not posting or answering emails or emotional or disconnected, please remember that everyone is struggling in some way, behind closed doors," she explained. "We are young-ish and blessed, but not immune. We lived a fairy tale on TV and have a great life for all intents and purposes, but answers would be nice. So, I'm going to keep praying for answers and am hopeful that if you are the praying type, that you'll think of Ryan when the time comes to send up a message."

Trista immediately received well wishes from members of Bachelor Nation including JoJo Fletcher, Clare Crawley, Desiree Hartsock Siegfried and Tenley Leopold.

As for Ryan, he reacted to the outpouring of support by sharing a special photo with his wife. "All we need is love..." he wrote. "#Thankyou."

Trista and Ryan have been happily married since Dec. 2003 and share two children together. They met on the very first season of ABC's hit show The Bachelorette and have remained one of the strongest couples from the franchise. 

"He loves his family, a clean truck, mountain biking and morning coffee with a view," Trista previously shared on Instagram when gushing over her husband. "Witty and sarcastic with crystal blue eyes and muscles on top of muscles, he's happiest out in nature, running in to put out a fire, hiking or boarding or skiing the mountains, traveling the world, pulling a car out of a ditch, or curling up with a good book or a great movie. I'm happiest when he is happy." 

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