See Stormi Webster Shower Mom Kylie Jenner With Compliments in Holiday Baking Video

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Watch: Stormi Webster Gives Mom Kylie Jenner All the Compliments

Kylie Jenner has the sweetest little sidekick.

On Thursday, Nov. 19, Stormi Webster joined mom Kylie for another festive cooking video on the Kylie Cosmetics mogul's YouTube channel. Once more, the mother-daughter duo got into the Christmas spirit.

Yet, rather than create holiday cookies, Kylie and Stormi made Grinch-themed cupcakes in honor of the mother of one's new beauty collection inspired by the popular Christmas film. Like in their past baking videos, Kylie and Stormi were dressed in matching pajamas.

Of course, this time, the duo wore Grinch-themed sleepwear. A total natural in front of the camera, the two-year-old declared, "We're making cupcakes! Yeah!"

What was even cuter? Stormi's many compliments for mom Kylie.

As Kylie began icing her cupcake to look like the Grinch, Stormi assured her mother, "You got this mommy."

After discussing her favorite parts of The Grinch—spoiler: it's Max the Dog and the waffles—Stormi uttered another sweet compliment.

Stormi Webster's Cutest Photos

She noted, "I love you so much."

In response, Kylie said, "I love you more."

Just when we thought things couldn't get cuter, Kylie's daughter with Travis Scott told the lip kit mogul that she was "so beautiful."

Too cute!

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Despite eating the candy that was meant for decorating, Stormi was an excellent helper in the kitchen. Not only did the little one help add the ingredients, but she also assisted with cracking the eggs.

"You did it ok," Kylie assured her daughter. "Oh, there's a big shell in there. Don't worry, mommy's gonna save the day."

For the final result of Kylie and Stormi's cupcakes, watch the YouTube video below.

You can find Kylie and Stormi's other twinning moments by scrolling through the images below.

Mother's Day Bliss

Kylie and Stormi showed their matching stripes in twinning rainbow bikinis on Mother's Day 2021. "I love being your mommy," Kylie captioned the sweet tribute on May 9. 

Christmas 2020

Kylie and Stormi were twinning in red for Christmas 2020, as the family canceled their annual holiday party for the first time in 42 years.

Merry Christmas!

and Happy Holidays!

Forever Friends

Alongside this photo, Kylie Jenner penned, "i got u forever."

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Stormi was Kylie's total mini-me in this picture from December 2020.

Mommy's Little Helper

Kylie shared on Instagram, "we're back making Grinch cupcakes in celebration of the Grinch X Kylie collection".

A Kiss For Stormi

In this Nov. 2020 picture, Kylie leaned in to give her daughter a kiss.


Kylie and Stormi looked like best friends in this photo from Nov. 2020.

Happy Halloween

Kylie wrote on Instagram, "back with my favorite girl baking halloween cookies."

Silly Faces

In matching pajamas, Kylie and daughter Stormi made silly faces after baking cookies.

Spooky Season

The mother-daughter duo was clearly enjoying spooky season.

Another One

Another sweet snap of Kylie and Stormi in their matching fall-themed PJs.

Cute Cooking

Kylie and Stormi couldn't be cuter as they finished up their Halloween baking video.

Mini Me

"My mini," Kylie captioned this adorable pic of them twinning in chic prints.

Tropical Getaway

Soaking up the sun during their all girls' trip, the mother-daughter kept things chic with matching dresses. 

Garden Party

Ahead of her Stormi x Kylie launch, the model and her babe share a day with butterfly-print ensembles.

And Action!

We could NOT get enough of the adorable video that Kylie released teasing her Stormi x Kylie makeup palettes that featured her mini-me in a matching off-white tulle gown.

All In a Days Work

The caption pretty much says it all! These two are too blessed to be stressed!

Green with Envy

These two ladies were ready to hit the town for a little bit of holiday fun. When you look this good, it would be a shame not to! 

Gifts Under the Tree

It might be really trendy to look like a snack, but Kylie and Stormi are proving that looking like a gift is way better. 

No Heels? No problem!

She may not be old enough to rock a pair of chic heels, but Stormi made the look work by pairing her outfit with some cute and comfy sneakers. 

Baby Blue

Stormi and her mama matched perfectly in this flowing blue dress during a trip through Italy. 

Snow Bunnies

Stormi looked ready to hit the slopes alongside her mama when both wore white ensembles that matching the snow behind them.

Swimwear Sisters

The only thing better than matching on land, is rocking a cute matching swimsuit. These two opted for some lime green fun in the sun! 

Shining So Bright

Kylie and her daughter caught our reflection, literally, when they wore matching, sparkling outfits.

Halloween Dream

The pair matched in cute superhero ensembles for Halloween, and Kylie threw her baby girl a lavish pumpkin bash in her home. 

Pool Party

These two wore matching striped swimsuits on a perfect summer day.

Lightning in a Bottle

Lightning struck twice when Kylie and her little one dressed as a storm cloud and bolt of lightning for Halloween in 2018.

Butterflies In Flight

Kylie has always been outspoken about her love for butterflies and the significance the small creatures play in her life. In fact, Kylie and Travis Scott have matching butterfly tattoos. So of course she had to let her little one in on the fun. 

Lazy Day

They don't always have to be dressed to the nines to look fly. This time, the duo opted for a sweet pair of sweats and accessorized with matching beanies. 

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