American Horror Story Announced Its Newest Season 10 Cast Member With the Freakiest Audition Tape

Ryan Murphy took to social media to announce contortionist Spencer Novich as a cast member for season 10 of American Horror Story. Watch his incredibly creepy audition tape here.

By Jonathan Borge Nov 19, 2020 6:00 PMTags
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Remember just how icky you felt when Ryan Murphy made us repeatedly stare at teeny-tiny holes during American Horror Story: Cult

That uncomfortable sensation is rooted in science as some people have trypophobia, a fear of a small cluster of holes or small little bumps. In fact, Sarah Paulson had to face her own fear of holes to play her season seven character, Ally. 

Murphy has since managed to keep our hairs raised with creepy themes and scarier phenomena. And season 10 looks like it'll be no exception. While the storyline behind the next AHS installment has been kept secret, Murphy has teased fans with several images of razor-sharp teeth.

On Wednesday, Nov. 18, he shared a cast update and introduced the latest star tapped for the series: Stephen Novich. Nope, the actor isn't known quite as well as series regulars like Paulson or Emma Roberts. Instead, Murphy tapped the writer and director because he has a unique title on his resume: contortionist.


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In a new video, Novich tests the limits of his limbs as he approaches the camera and menacingly says, "I'm gonna kill you." On Twitter, Murphy congratulated Novich for landing the part, writing, "This is the audition that got him the job. Guess the title yet?" 


In addition to the sharp teeth, other clues for the season 10 theme have included a photo of a beach and more teeth, which so far has us confused. Aside from Paulson and Novich, the season 10 cast includes Macaulay Culkin, Evan Peters, Billie Lourd, Kathy Bates, Leslie Grossman, Lily Rabe, Adina Porter, Finn Wittrock and Angelica Ross.

Just last week, Murphy shared the first poster for his AHS spinoff, American Horror Stories, which will feature 16 one-hour episodes that explore entirely different "horror myths, legends and lore." 

Keep the scares coming, Ryan.

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