Reese Witherspoon's 15th Anniversary Tribute to Walk the Line Proves It Was Always Pure Magic

Fifteen years later, Reese Witherspoon can still remember shooting this scene. Keep scrolling for the special behind-the-scenes details she shared on the film's anniversary.

By Samantha Schnurr Nov 18, 2020 9:20 PMTags
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Whether it's five, 15 or 50 years later—Reese Witherspoon will always remember this scene from Walk the Line

It's hard to believe the musical biopic about Johnny Cash and June Carter turned 15 years old on Wednesday, Nov. 18. Back in 2005, the movie, which starred Witherspoon and Joaquin Phoenix, was both a box office smash and award magnet, winning the 2006 Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture, Comedy or Musical. It was a pivotal performance for Witherspoon, who garnered her first Golden Globe win along with her first Academy Award nomination and win for her portrayal of Carter. 

As a result, the film's special anniversary did not go unacknowledged by the actress. "Wow! Today marks 15 years since the release of #WalktheLine," she wrote in an Instagram post. "Playing the role of June Carter was one of the most rewarding experiences of my lifetime. From the stunning costumes created by @ariannephillips to recording all of those classic country songs with T. Bone Burnett, to the incredible scenes written and directed by James Mangold, I felt completely transformed into an authentic country artist."

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Of the many scenes, there is one that stands out to Witherspoon. "I will never forget the proposal scene... how Joaquin looked with the light beaming behind him asking June to marry him in front of a full audience," she recalled. "You could hear a pin drop. Thank you to the entire cast and crew for bringing Johnny & June's love story to life."

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Witherspoon's milestone win also highlighted the type of character she has spent her career bringing to life: authentic women. "People used to ask June how she was doin.' And she used to say, 'I'm just tryin' to matter,'" the star said in her Oscar acceptance speech. "And I know what she means, you know. I'm just trying to matter and live a good life and make work that means something to somebody."

More than a decade later, Witherspoon is still doing just that. 

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