Jojo Siwa Defends Mark Bontempo From "Hateful" Comments After Their Breakup

Three months after going public with boyfriend Mark Bontempo, Jojo Siwa revealed they're better off as friends while shutting down one Instagram user who called the teen "toxic."

By McKenna Aiello Nov 18, 2020 2:30 AMTags
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Jojo Siwa is taking the high road after her first heartbreak. 

The 17-year-old Nickelodeon star confirmed she and boyfriend Mark Bontempo are officially over, but remain on the best of terms. Jojo, who first went public with the aspiring musician in early August, defended Mark from online criticism in an Instagram comment posted on Nov. 15. 

Jojo wrote, "...Mark doesn't deserve hateful things like this. He deserves to have people support him. You have NO idea about mark and I's relationship. how much fun it was. how happy we both were, and how happy we both are. We decided it's best for us to not be in a relationship.... that's all."

Spoken like the media savvy tween queen she is, Jojo assured her loyal fanbase that she and Mark will continue to support each other behind the scenes, while also noting that she's uninterested in getting anyone's approval on the matter. 

"If you don't wanna follow him like the millions of other people on Instagram you don't follow that's fine, but this post is immature," she continued. "He is not toxic."

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Jojo concluded, "We're teenagers. And our relationship didn't work out right now. He did nothing. I did nothing. Just better being friends. Relax."

Mark has yet to weigh in on his new relationship status, however his older sister, YouTube personality and actress Madison Bontempo, shared some insight into what she described was a "complicated" split. 


"They're like [the] best friends ever," Madison, 28, told her subscribers in a recent video. "They both have a lot they're trying to accomplish. Life is super busy for both of them, and it's just really hard. They kind of live an half an hour away from each other, so it's hard to commute."

Madison said she even caught up with Jojo, who apparently told her "she loves Mark" and wants to maintain a close friendship.

"So I guess the only thing that's different is that they just don't kiss anymore," she continued. "They still hang out and they still text every second. Maybe they'll still kiss as friends."

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