Demi Lovato's 5 Best Hosting Moments Deserve a People's Choice Award

By Vannessa Jackson Nov 16, 2020 4:30 PMTags
Watch: Demi Lovato's Best 2020 E! PCAs Hosting Moments

Demi Lovato can add a new talent to her resume: Most amazing host. 

The "Commander in Chief" singer nailed her emceeing duties on Sunday, November 15 at the E! People's Choice Awards. From her spectacular outfits to her hilarious banter, every moment was incredible. 

So, we tried our best to round up some of Demi's most exciting acts from the event that you might have missed. The "Sorry Not Sorry" singer made sure that all the celebs felt right at home and had everyone laughing all night long.

Scroll through the exciting happenings from Sunday night's show to that prove Demi deserves to host every event.

Blonde Bombshell

After walking the red carpet in a fiery red jumpsuit, Demi had a quick outfit—and hair—change to open the show. The natural brunette went blonde for the entire show and proved once and for all that maybe blondes do have more fun.

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She also rocked her opening monologue. It didn't hurt that Jimmy Fallon made a cameo to offer a little bit of encouragement and advice. "I'm watching you live on my TV," he shared with her. "So I figured I'd Zoom in and tell you that you're crushing it."

No Engagement, No Problem

One of the funniest parts of the evening was definitely when she did a little nod to, you know, that whole getting engaged and then getting un-engaged thing. Max Ehrich who?

"Covid hit, and everything shut down, so I did what everyone else did, I went into lockdown mode, and got engaged," she shared. "I got into painting, photography, meditation, tested the limits of post mates unlimited. I also didn't know this could happen, but reached the end of Instagram four times I binged seven seasons of Pretty little liars, got un-engaged, then went looking for aliens in the desert so basically the same as everyone else."

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Women Empowering Women

Demi also took a little time to celebrate all of the strong women who were being honored throughout the show. "You need to give it up for some of the powerful women taking home awards tonight," she said. "I'm talking about Sofia Vergara, Mandy Moore, Tiffany Haddish, and don't even get me started on Fashion Icon Tracee Ellis Ross."

Demi Gets Woke

During a fun Q&A with viewers at home, a fan asked Demi what she thinks about implicit bias. While Demi seemed a little caught off guard by the thoughtful question, she provided a thought provoking and detailed answer that ended up schooling us all.

"When you get down to it, implicit bias is just prejudice," she shared. "Since the workplace is the place that most people interact with others outside of their social circle, it would make sense that implicit bias would play into most everyday interactions, and like any problem, the first step is being aware. So just approaching the subject in a forum like this is doing our part. We're talking about it, we're raising awareness, and that's the first step in doing away with any of that."

Christopher Polk/E! Entertainment/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

The Lewks

If there is one thing Demi knows how to do, it's keep the world guessing. The singer came out in a variety of different looks over the night, and all of them were better than the next. She kicked off the show in a gorgeous sparkling dress by Elie Saab before switching into a sequin rainbow mini dress by Halpern with an adorable pair of silver heels. After that, she rocked a lowcut sleek black dress by Greta Constantine that fit like a glove. She made the People's Choice Awards her own personal runway, and honestly, we weren't mad at it.

Watch the full 2020 People's Choice Awards show online now!

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