Can Dr. Q Help This Dr. 90210 Patient Fit Back Into Her Cheerleading Uniform?

By Allison Crist Nov 12, 2020 2:00 PMTags
Watch: Cheerleader Wants to Walk Around Her House Naked Again

Jacquel is ready to shake her pom-poms again.

As the first-time Dr. 90210 patient tells Dr. Suzanne Quardt in this sneak peek of Monday's all-new episode, "I'm hoping to be able to walk around my house naked."

That, and fit into her old cheer uniform! 

"For most of my life, I was a cheerleader. I was tiny," Jacquel says in a confessional after expressing that she just wants to be more "happy" and "confident," too. "Since I was so small, I was a flier. So that's the one that gets tossed around in the air."

She continues, "My husband did like seeing me in my uniform before I had these kids. My dream is to be able to put it on. It's kind of like our glory days."

Luckily for Jacquel, Dr. Q can make her dream come true by performing what's known as a "mommy makeover," AKA a combination of procedures that are designed to restore a woman's pre-pregnancy figure.

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According to Dr. Q, Jacquel's particular procedures will focus on her stomach and breasts, the latter of which are experiencing "ptosis."

"There are three grades of breast ptosis, which is just our fancy word for sagginess of the breasts," she tells Jacquel. "So when we're in high school and as perky as they're gonna be, the nipples are up in the center of the breast...that's actually what I'm gonna give you after the surgery."

When it comes to Jacquel's stomach, Dr. Q reveals she has "diastasis recti, where the muscles are separated."


"I can see you're just at a natural resting state. I know you've been working hard," Dr. Q says, noting that the diastasis recti is what made Jacquel's belly button "look so stretched out" and gave her "crinkly skin."

"The good news is you're not super big with a super hanging belly," she adds. "The bad news is you're not super big with a super hanging belly."

This win-lose situation means that Dr. Q will have to make Jacquel's scar a little higher than she usually would.

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"Imagine someone has a big ole flap and then I cut off the big ole flap. Well, the bottom of their upper flap and the lower flap come together real easy and low," the plastic surgeon explains to the Dr. 90210 cameras. "But in case, she has a bulgy abdomen due to loose muscles. But she doesn't have a ton of extra skin. So because of that, I may have to make her scar a little bit higher just to get everything closed."

Will Jacquel get the results she wants? Tune in to Monday's all-new episode of Dr. 90210 to find out!


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