The Bachelorette's Clare Crawley Hints at Future Baby Plans With Dale Moss

When Chris Harrison asked Clare Crawley and Dale Moss what's next for them, The Bachelorette star didn't skip a beat and said, "Babies." Watch the video to see their interview.

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Clare Crawley has babies on the brain.

The reality star dished on her future plans with fiancé Dale Moss during the couple's sit-down interview with Chris Harrison. When asked what's next for the pair, the hairstylist from California replied, "Babies." However, the model said they're going to get married first. Either way, Clare just seemed excited for their next chapter.

"Whatever happens," she said on the Nov. 10 episode of The Bachelorette, "we're just happy to, like, start our lives together and to get to know each other more, and more and more." 

Last week, fans saw Clare end her season early by breaking up with her other suitors and accepting a proposal from Dale. And while the 39-year-old said their time together has been a "dream come true," she also admitted not everyone has been supportive of their whirlwind romance.

"I think I'd be lying if I said it didn't hurt me," Clare said of her haters' skepticism. "Because here is something that I finally found that makes me so incredibly happy, like, to my core. To finally feel this type of love that I have been craving and wanting, like, I just wish people can be happy for us."

Bachelor Nation's Still-Rosy Romances

During their conversation with the longtime host, the two also reiterated they did not communicate with each other before coming on the show. In fact, Dale said he actually had to ask Clare for her phone number after they got engaged. Clare then made it clear she's "done nothing but respect this entire process." Although, Chris did quip she "blew it up a little bit."

In the end, simply put, she's happy with her fairy-tale ending. "How he makes me feel is literally, like, sunbeams out of my heart, like, into the world," she raved. "And I know that sounds so stupid, but I just feel it to my core. And whether it took one day or 10 days or two weeks or two years, this man makes me happy."

And no matter what criticism they face, the stars know they can always lean on each other.

"That's all I've ever wanted—is a man to show up for me," Clare said. "Not only when it's easy, and not only when it's good, and fun, and pretty, and ball gowns and all that. But, like, show up when I'm in my yoga pants and no makeup and my hair is in a greasy knot. Like, show up for me. And he's done that every single time."

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With Clare's journey to find love complete, Tayshia Adams is stepping in as the new Bachelorette. The 30-year-old from Orange County met the men—and a few new suitors—on the Nov. 10 episode. However, fans will just have to stay tuned to see if she finds her match.

The Bachelorette airs Tuesday nights at 8:00 p.m. on ABC.

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