It's Scorpio Season: Celebrity Psychic Predicts What's to Come For Famous Scorpios

For an exclusive chat with E! News, mystic and tarot card reader Angie Banicki predicted what's to come for your favorite celebrity Scorpios, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Kendall Jenner and more.

By Alyssa Ray Nov 11, 2020 11:30 AMTags
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Scorpio season is well underway.

Those born during this period in the zodiac calendar, which runs from October 23 through November 21, are known for being passionate, stubborn and strategic people. While Scorpios may have a bad reputation thanks to their stinging intensity, it means other signs in the zodiac know better than to mess with them.

With 2020 being such an unconventional year, thanks to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we found ourselves wondering how our fierce famous Scorpios were coping during this time.

Thus, we turned to mystic and tarot card reader Angie Banicki, whose clients include Gwyneth Paltrow, Emma Roberts and more notable names, for predictions on what's to come for our favorite celebrity Scorpios.

For starters, Leonardo DiCaprio—whose birthday is today, Nov. 11—has been with girlfriend Camila Morrone for some time now. So, we had to ask: Are wedding bells in his future?

Speaking of romance, Angie had quite a bit to say about actress and 2020 E! People's Choice Awards Fashion Icon recipient Tracee Ellis Ross' love life. But, more on that down below…

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Next up, with Keeping Up With the Kardashians ending in 2021, we had Angie ask the cards about what's next for Kendall Jenner. Will the supermodel even miss filming the E! docu-series?

Of course, we also asked for an update on new mom and famous Scorpio Katy Perry. Heads up, Angie's answer may surprise you.

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Oh, and we have a surprising update about one famous rapper! SPOILER: It's Drake.

For all of these predictions and more, scroll through the images below.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Angie's Prediction: Is Leonardo DiCaprio Hollywood's forever bachelor?

The answer: Maybe. Although the Oscar winner has been with his girlfriend Camila Morrone for a longtime, Angie didn't see any wedding bells in the Titanic actor's immediate future.

"He is not ready," she shared. "He does not want to settle down. It's not dark at all, it's just literally not making relationship a priority."

What she did see? A new career opportunity that's unlike anything he's done before. In fact, Angie predicted a return to TV for Leonardo.

"He's involved in a bigger way, I'll say that, it's not just him acting," Angie said. "It shows me him a part of the creative process."

Apparently, this pivot to TV is thanks to a creator Leonardo is "obsessed with" and excited to have a "partnership" with.

We're not saying it's Martin Scorsese, but we sure hope it is!

Kendall Jenner

Angie's Prediction: The end of KUWTK may be harder on Kendall Jenner than she even expects.

As Angie saw it, the E! docu-series' 2021 end will inspire the supermodel to search for different projects to help fill a void.

"It feels confused at first," she noted. "What she got from the show, she wants to replace that with something. I feel her feeling sort of alone."

Although, Kendall may not be too alone as Angie saw motherhood in the 25-year-old model's future.

Angie added, "Part of her destiny is to be…the working mom. The woman who can do it all."


Angie's Prediction: This next year will be an interesting one for Drake.

According to Angie, the "God's Plan" rapper's star is definitely "rising," but it's unclear if this success is regarding his music. What Angie does know, Drake will be "seen even more than we've seen him."

This may have something to do with his personal life as Angie also predicted a new love interest for Drake. Apparently, the next girlfriend will be someone from "the spotlight."

"I feel like he's gonna have a baby with someone else," she relayed. "I don't know that that happens next year or it's just the person is coming next year."

A sibling for Adonis? We'd love to see it.

Tracee Ellis Ross

Angie's Prediction: Tracee Ellis Ross' next great love could be just around the corner.

Per the cards, "there's someone around" the Black-ish actress. However, it seems that Tracee has some "resistance" regarding the relationship. Supposedly, Tracee is connected to an unnamed suitor, but isn't ready for them to go public.

Yet, if Tracee leans into this partnership, it could be a positive experience for her.

"It's crazy, it's almost like the cards are like, 'We want her to finally choose love,'" the mystic expressed. "Because, it's a matter of her choosing."

Katy Perry

Angie's Prediction: It's all about motherhood for Katy Perry.

However, this means the next year will be one of transition for the "Daisy" singer and fiancé Orlando Bloom. Per Angie, the couple will be working on their relationship while they juggle parenthood and romance.

"I see another baby around her," the mystic expressed. "It feels sort of, like, up in the air."

As for Katy's career, Angie predicted a new opportunity that's "a little bit different." So, there may not be a new album, but there could be a book or a movie?

That gives us something to "Smile" about.

Ryan Gosling

Angie's Prediction: 2021 will actually be a quieter year for Ryan Gosling.

Why? Well, because Ryan will be focusing on family as his love Eva Mendes will find herself in the spotlight.

"It shows me something big happening for her," Angie shared. "I get the star with her, like, in a very big way."

Angie also predicted that Ryan will "do something big in terms of charity."

You can find more of Angie on Instagram here.

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