Kerry Washington Shares the Adorable Way She Explained Voting to Her Kids

In a recent interview, Kerry Washington shared how she explained the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election to her two children using “good guys and bad guys” and superheroes. Scroll on to hear her analogy.

By Mona Thomas Nov 05, 2020 4:53 PMTags
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During an Oct. 4 virtual interview with Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kerry Washington—who has worked feverishly to encourage Americans across the country to vote—discussed how she's explaining the Presidential election to her children, Isabelle Amarachi Asomugha, 6, and Caleb Kelechi Asomugha, 4. 

"We talk a lot about the election in my house," the Scandal star explained. "We do talk about bad guys and good guys. They know what superheroes are and they know that in our house superheroes are the people who vote and the people who work at the polls and the people who community organize and lead the world a better place. And bad guys are people who—I mean haven't been this specific with them—but separate families and you know, take away health care." 

She continued, "They were asking a lot when we were getting on plans to go to all these places because obviously we're not traveling a lot in COVID and what I said to them was, ‘We really want to go places to help people know how important their voice is and they need to vote because the reason the person who's in the White House is there now is because not enough people voted. And our kids were like, ‘Well why didn't they vote?' And we said, ‘They didn't know how much they mattered.'"

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The NAACP Image Award winner also shared the adorable election her children's school organized on Tuesday, Nov. 3 to help the students really understand the importance of an election. 

"They actually did their own election at their school where they were voting for the best dessert," Kerry explained. "So they were walking around on Tuesday with ‘I voted' stickers too, but their stakes were a little lower with strawberry ice cream, sugar cookies and brownies. Different stakes." 

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