Here's Proof Ben Affleck Is Seeing "Impressive Results" as He Works With Trainer

Ben Affleck appeared to be in tip-top physical shape as he stepped out in Los Angeles over Halloween weekend. Find out how he’s staying healthy.

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Don't underestimate Batman in the middle of quarantine. 

For some Americans, the coronavirus pandemic has brought along challenges when it comes to working out and breaking a sweat. After all, some gyms remain totally closed. But for Ben Affleck, he appears to have successfully found a way to focus on his health and fitness journey.

According to a source, the actor is currently working hard to slim down with help from a trainer. 

"He has been incredibly dedicated and committed to his workouts and he is seeing impressive results," the insider shared with E! News. "Ben is in a great place in his life. Friends are so happy to see Ben happy and healthy and feeling good." 

In fact, fans couldn't help but see a difference in Ben over the Halloween weekend. The 48-year-old showed off a trim figure while enjoying a nice afternoon stroll in Los Angeles on Oct. 31.

Sweatin' With the Stars

Ben was spotted wearing brown pants, sneakers and a dark navy sweater over his blue T-shirt. And instead of a high-calorie Starbucks beverage, the actor opted for a smaller, healthier option.

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The Oscar winner's fitness journey doesn't come as a surprise to some who know the actor and producer.

"He is always mindful of his health," another source shared with E! News. "He is working hard to be in shape."

And perhaps Hollywood fans got a preview when Ben teamed up with Matt Damon last month on a new project with Omaze. The actor showcased a clean-cut appearance and wore a form-fitting T-shirt that showed off his physique.

Health and fitness aside, the past few months for Ben have been special as his romance with Ana de Armas continues to grow.

After more than eight months of dating—and quarantining together—the pair appears to be stronger than ever as they try to keep their romance on the private side.

"She came into his life and has given him everything he wants and needs in a partner," a source previously told E! News. "He's very satisfied with Ana and isn't looking for a coping method. She has a vivacious personality and is a very talented actress."

—Reporting by Spencer Lubitz

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