Work Up a Sweat This Halloween With a Superhero-Themed Sculpt Workout

In the words of Spider-Man, "You’re much stronger than you think you are." Build up that strength this Halloween with a superhero workout class from at-home fitness brand obé.

By Lindsay Weinberg Oct 31, 2020 11:37 PMTags
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This Halloween, your Marvel costume can double as your workout outfit. 

Fitness program obé is helping us all tone our bodies with a superhero-inspired sculpt workout class that's perfect for your Halloween sweat sesh. In between candy breaks, try the below fitness tips to stay in shape this spooky season.

Obé co-founders Mark Mullett and Ashley Mills explain that Halloween is their biggest holiday of the year. The duo tells E! News, "We're celebrating with the Monster Mash Up Marathon all day long! Our members love to dress up and have fun, so we're doing a full day of themed classes in costume."

The company—which is beloved by Kate Hudson, Drew Barrymore and SZA (to name a few)—is all about "entertainment," as they want to bring "the fun of entertainment to fitness."

This year, Mark and Ashley chose to do a superhero exercise class because "all of our members are superheroes to us, and we want them to channel their inner Wonder Woman or Superman!"

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The duo recommends certain songs to put you in the right mood for saving the world: "Flash" by Queen, "Titanium" by Sia, "Bulletproof" by La Roux and "Break Free" by Ariana Grande.

So turn on your playlist, get to stretching and follow the below steps for your at-home sculpt workout.

Obe Fitness

Side Reach Arms: Standing with your legs wide and knees bent, alternate extending your arms from side-to-side. Then bring them to the opposite elbow and into the rib cage. Continue for 30 seconds.

Obe Fitness

Superhero Planks: Start in a plank position. Move your wrists and your legs, and extend them in the front by reaching your arms forward to shoulder height. Note: They should be wider than your hips. Continue for 30 seconds.

Obe Fitness

Flying Bear Plank Push-Ups: Start in a bear plank with your shoulders over your wrists and your knees bent. Next, hover off the floor with your knees tucked in under your hips. Raise your hips high into the air and jump off the floor.

Return to your bear plank and hop back into a plank. Then, lower your body down into a push-up, bending at the elbows and rising back up into a plank position. Repeat for 30 seconds.

Obe Fitness

Side Lunge Blast Off: Start with your legs placed wider than your hips and bend the left leg with the hips drawn back. After you straighten your left leg, kick it up and send your weight into your right standing leg. Continue for 30 seconds and repeat on the right side.

Obe Fitness

Split Lunges: Starting with your left leg forward and your right leg back, bend both knees into a 90-degree angle. Then, explode off the floor and switch your lead leg in order to land with the right leg forward and left leg back. Continue for 30 seconds.

Obe Fitness

Jump Squats and Scissor Jumps: Standing with your feet wider than your hips, sit back into a low squat. Then, jump upward with your legs staying wide. After, return to a low squat position and then jump upward bringing your heels together. Return to a low squat position. Repeat for 30 seconds.

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