Tyler Cameron Says Matt James "Dodged a Bullet" by Not Competing on Clare’s Bachelorette Season

Bachelorette alum Tyler Cameron sat down with BingE! Club to discuss Clare Crawley's season—and what we can expect from Matt James' run on The Bachelor.

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Watch: Tyler Cameron Says Matt James "Dodged a Bullet" With Clare

Everyone has an opinion about Clare Crawley's season of The Bachelorette—and Bachelor Nation insiders are no exception.

Three weeks into season 16, it's apparent that Clare is gung-ho about the possibility of a future with Dale Moss. So much so that it has upset men like Yosef Aborady, who was unapologetic about criticizing her every move before she rightfully sent him home. Thanks to new teasers and an exclusive sneak peek at what's to come (the most dramatic yet!), we know that the Nov. 5 episode is where it'll all go down. We'll finally learn why, exactly, Clare departs from the show and how, exactly, Tayshia Adams will fit in as her replacement.

But before then, some former reality TV stars haven't been shy about Clare's controversial and explosive season. Yep, we're talking about Tyler Cameron, the Bachelorette alum who just so happens to be best friends with the new star of The Bachelor, Matt James.

During an expansive interview with E! News's Erin Lim for The Rundown and BingE! Club, Tyler got real about Clare's season, her choices so far, and what to expect from Matt's turn as Bachelor. When asked whether he thinks Clare is getting a bad edit this season, Tyler kept it somewhat neutral.

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"No, I, I don't know. I don't know Clare as a person so I don't know who she is on or off camera, you know?" he said. "But I think that's very, you know, she has what she wants, she knows what she wants. She's very decisive." 

That's for sure. Which is why Tyler believes Matt may not have gone very far had he appeared on Clare's season. As fans might remember, Matt was initially selected to be among Clare's lineup of suitors, but production delays amid the coronavirus pandemic led to his casting as Bachelor.

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When asked if he's happy that Matt didn't end up on season 16, Tyler didn't hold back. "That boy dodged a bullet," he said. "That boy is on his own. Just cause it's a mess. It's just a disaster. You know what I mean? It's nothing about Clare. It's a mess, you know? Just to be able to jump and skip and be the Bachelor, like who, I mean, of course, good for him, so I am very happy he's not there."

Of course, Tyler used the interview opportunity to poke a little fun at his buddy too.

"I would have loved a showdown of Matt and Clare," Tyler said. "They would have probably made that the first one-on-one date. They would have had to hash it out. Matt would have probably gotten kicked out and it would have been hilarious." Ouch.

That's not all Tyler discussed. 

Following speculation that Clare and Dale were actually in touch ahead of filming, Tyler said that theory isn't totally out of the question. "I don't know if they met up but maybe there was some correspondence? I don't know," he said, adding that he believes Clare couldn't help but fantasize about meeting Dale after the cast was first announced. Unlike previous Bachelorettes, the pandemic gave Clare extra time to sit down and Google all of the men selected to be her future husband. Tyler called Dale a "good looking stallion," which is why he thinks her decision might have been "signed, sealed, delivered" early on.

Like all of us, Tyler also thinks this season is unlike any other, calling it "weird for sure." 

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If you're concerned that Tyler is spending a little too much time worrying about Clare's season, don't be. Throughout the conversation, he also had plenty to say about what we can expect from Matt's run as Bachelor. 

"Knowing Matt, he could still come out single, who knows," he said. "But I think he'll have a fiancé. I think this will be everything that we want and hope and haven't gotten in a while in this franchise, it seems like. You know?"

Tyler continued, "From what I've seen and what I've read up on, he's got an amazing cast of women and so it'll be very hard for him to leave, you know, without one. I think he's gonna be all goo-goo gaga in love when he's back and I'm gonna have to shake him a little bit, like, ‘Hey, where's Matt at?' You know? But we'll see what happens." Yes we will. 

For now, our plan is to grab some popcorn and wine and settle in for what looks like the end of Clare's wild ride.

The Bachelorette returns for a special night on Thursday, Nov. 5 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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