The Bachelorette's Bennett Jordan Explains Why He Roasted Dale Moss

After Bennett Jordan went after Dale Moss during Clare Crawley's Bachelorette roast, the Harvard alum appeared on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast and addressed the jabs.

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Bennett Jordan is setting the record straight.

After viewers saw The Bachelorette contestant go after fellow suitor Dale Moss during a roast on the Oct. 27 episode, the Harvard alum appeared on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast and revealed why he targeted the former football player.

"It was really the time," Bennett said. "It was like an alley-oop."

The wealth management consultant explained he grew up playing sports and "was super competitive."

"You know, I think in any competition—whether you're doing an election, whether it's sports, whether it's just business—you kind of go after the top dog, right?" he said. "And you can't be afraid that that's the man to beat. I think it was kind of clear at that point with, you know, Dale that there was a lot of favoritism. You could tell that his relationship was moving along with Clare [Crawley] quite rapidly. And you know, I certainly am not one to shy away from competition. Never scared of anything. I always believe in myself and my ability to succeed. So, you know, why not go after Dale a little bit more than the others?"

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He also said the roast gave him the chance to speak up about things—"whether they were jokes and jabs or whether they were true"—and to "say some of the things" the other guys "would have liked to have out there."

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Bachelorette alum Becca Kufrin, who co-hosts the podcast with fellow alum Rachel Lindsay, said she didn't think the roast ever "felt inappropriate" or "crossed a line." Bennett also said he "was personally very, very impressed with Dale night one."

"I remember speaking with Dale and I was blown away by the guy," he added. "I was like this guy is a stud. He is beautiful. Have you seen those eyes? He's an ex NFL player. He's super articulate. He has a soft-spoken voice. What's not to love about this guy?" 

He added that Dale "was super quick" to take on sort of a "producer/event manager-type role" and would go on these "monologues." 

"That kind of took me aback, but I realized that's totally fair game, absolutely normal," Bennett continued. "But I was impressed by both his eloquence and just kind of the way that he stepped up immediately. That sort of, kind of nudged me along [like] it's time to, you know, find your voice. It took me 24-48 hours to kind of get there, and then I was pretty comfortable."

One person who did not appreciate the jabs, however, was Clare. In fact, she asked several men on the group date why they went after Dale during the roast and didn't give any of them the group date rose. Dale also called the situation "awkward" during the episode and seemingly responded to the digs on Twitter.

"I am who I am because of the queens in my life," he tweeted. "People can have an opinion and make any jokes but you can never say I don't know how to RESPECT a woman. Till my last breath! I love you all." 

While rumors about Clare and Dale have been spreading for quite some time, it looks like fans will soon get the answers they're looking for—especially considering Tayshia Adams just made her Bachelorette promo debut months after sources told E! News she replaces Clare on the show.

To see how Clare's journey to find love ends, viewers can watch The Bachelorette Tuesday nights at 8:00 p.m. EST on ABC.

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