Anne Hathaway Reveals the Unique Ways She Coped With the Coronavirus Shutdown—Including "Sensible Heels"

Anne Hathaway had some "embarrassing" methods for handling the coronavirus lockdown when it began in March. Laugh along with the star as she recalls her tactics in the video below.

By Samantha Schnurr Oct 28, 2020 2:46 PMTags
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As 2020 has taught us, being under lockdown can definitely mess with your mind—and Anne Hathaway was no different. 

Much like many in the United States, the actress made her best effort to quarantine safely with her family when the coronavirus pandemic reached a new height in the country in March. However, looking back, the star can't help but laugh in embarrassment about some of her more unique tactics. 

"You know those little magical thoughts that you have that kind of keep you going, keep your anxiety at bay?" she asked Jimmy Kimmel while appearing remotely on his late-night show Tuesday, Oct. 27. "You're just like, 'As long as I do this thing, everything's gonna be fine."
Well, one of those methods involved skinny Japanese tape. "I decided that it would keep my family safe if I put tape around all of our light switches and our door knobs," the mom of two explained, recalling that the tape just sadly peeled for months. However, as she cautioned, "That wasn't even the stupidest thing that I did."

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The Oscar winner also shared her short-lived sartorial tactic. "I was so I think freaked out about everything that I convinced myself that if just wore a pair of sensible heels, everything would be fine," she admitted. "Why am I saying this stuff out loud on your show?"

While she thought the footwear would give her "organizational powers," Kimmel wondered if, because she was further off the ground, maybe she felt further from the germs.

"It's so generous of you that you thought there was an idea behind it," she told him. "It was a feeling. It was a really dumb feeling and it lasted exactly five hours."

Watch the star recall her unique methods herself in the video above! 

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