The Bachelorette's Dale Moss Just Proved He's Extremely Bad At Lying

Nobody had a good night on the Tuesday, Oct. 27 episode of The Bachelorette, except maybe Dale Moss.

By Lauren Piester Oct 28, 2020 2:26 AMTags

Good news for Clare Crawley: Her man cannot lie. 

Or at least he can't make up a good story when he gets caught stealing time and making out with the lead of The Bachelorette while a handful of other men are trying to date her too. Clare's clearly got eyes for only one man and it appears he feels the same way about her, and neither of them is quite sure how to go about handling that situation. 

Tonight, after being attacked for how "classless" she is, Clare canceled the day portion of a date so she could just have a cocktail party, and that turned out to just be a ploy to hang out with Dale Moss. Dale started things off very gentlemanly with a nice speech about how he'd like to steal time with her first. Then, he pulled everyone into a group hug before running off to Clare's suite to do some making out. 

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He was gone for an excessive amount of time and the other men got tired of waiting, so one of them knocked on her door to find out what was going on. Clare and Dale frantically tried to look like they hadn't just been making out on her bed and assumed casual positions in the living room. 

"We were just like...having a conversation," Dale explained before trying to leave. Clare then chased him down for a goodbye hug, and he awkwardly laughed and asked if he could have "some of these snacks."

"Those are dog snacks," she told him.

"Oh, I don't want those." 

Dale then walked outside with a grin on his face and his tail between his legs to face a truly angry-looking group of guys.

"Oh my god. Um, I was tryin to like walk out, like leave a little bit early, but we were just like, dude, dying," he said. "It was just funny." 


While Clare told producers she'd like to just rush through the other guys, those other guys did their best to get their moment with Clare (a woman who is clearly not interested in any of them). But Dale wasn't done. 

During a moment with some other guy (sorry, we still can only remember Dale's name), the door opened and Dale was back. 

"Yeah, I'm gonna respect your...I didn't know somebody was in here," he mumbled. "I was just kinda roamin'." 

Clare invited him over anyway and said goodbye to her previous date.

"My bad bro," said Dale. 

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Another guy interrupted them very clearly mid-kiss and asked if he was interrupting anything. 

"No!" said Dale and he went back to join the others with another attempt at explaining himself. "Yeah, I was kinda dazed and confused and lost a little bit." 

Obviously no one bought that. 

"I got up and went to the bathroom and then I came out," he said. "On the way out, I was like, 'What's everyone doing?'" 

The other guys confronted him and told him to just own it, but he simply could not. 

"I had no recollection...I had no knowledge of what...and then I came out and then I was like, 'Where's everyone else at? What's the deal?'" he said. "I did want to speak to Clare more, but I didn't know Clare was in there when I went to the restroom and was coming out." 

You'll never guess which terrible liar got the date rose. 


Aside from Dale's endless attention, this was a rough one for Clare. 

First she got yelled at by Yosef because Yosef decided to be a real jerk, and then things got super weird on a date with Zach J. that was pretty much over when he grabbed her neck in an attempt to kiss her, then continued to grab her neck some more when she pulled away from him. 

Clare tried to be the star of her own roast, but instead of roasting Clare, the guys went all in on Dale. Clare then had to spend the entire post-date party asking everyone what they were talking about. Nobody wanted to talk about Dale even though they spent the entire roast making jokes about Dale, and so Clare decided she didn't get what she wanted out of that date. No date rose for any of those jokers! 

Those jokers weren't so thrilled with that decision and began talking about quitting the show completely and just letting Clare go be with Dale if that's what she wants so bad. 

Well, just wait until next week boys. You're not totally off the mark. 

The Bachelorette will next air Thursday, Nov. 5 at 8 p.m. on ABC. 

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