Dr. 90210 Patient Wants His Split Earlobes to Resemble This A-Lister's

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Watch: Dude With Stretched-Out Ears Wants George Clooney's Lobes!

Put simply, Elliott does not like his earlobes.

The patient paying Dr. Michelle Lee a visit on Monday's all-new Dr. 90210 quickly points out why in this sneak peek clip: they've become so stretched out over the years that they're now split in half.

The earrings Elliott used to regularly wear were so big that Dr. Lee jokingly places one around her wrist "like a bracelet."

"I see a lot of patients who stretch out their earlobes," she says in a confessional. "But on a scale of 1 to 10, in terms of earlobe issues, Elliot is like an 11."

During the consultation, Elliott explains that for a while, he liked the stretched-out look: "I thought they were cool."

Now, he's "regretting" that—especially since everywhere he goes, his ears are "the first thing" people notice.

"Every single time," Elliott tells Dr. Lee. "Anything from, like, kids staring, tugging on their parents' shirts and stuff, pointing at me in grocery line. It's just like, I know you're gonna look at it. Just go ahead and get it over with."

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Elliott adds, "It's about time to do something about it."

Dr. Lee is more than ready to help Elliott, but when she asks him what his "ideal earlobes" look like, she's surprised by his answer.

"George Clooney's got some nice ears, right?" Elliott says. 

Confused by the specific answer, Dr. Lee takes the time to Google George Clooney's earlobes. 

As it turns out, she agrees with Elliott: "He does have really nice earlobes!"

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Now that she has a better understanding of what Elliott wants, Dr. Lee starts to discuss the procedure in detail.

"I really like earlobe surgery because it's not just about cutting it off and then sewing it together...it's like a puzzle," she says. "Your earlobe is round. It has curves. It's a three-dimensional structure."

The hard part, Dr. Lee adds, will be making sure Elliott's earlobes match—especially since one has more tissue than the other.

"What I'm concerned about is, the smaller part of your earlobe, it's all been stretched and distorted, so what I'm worried about is that if I make a cut on there and then if the blood supply is damaged, there's a possibility that the part turns black, dies, and falls off," she tells Elliott. "That's the risk with the earlobe surgery, so you may go from having too much earlobe to no earlobe."

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Plus, Elliott will have to be awake for the surgery!

Watch his reaction to the news in the above clip, and tune in to Monday's Dr. 90210 to see if he can get the earlobes of his dreams. 


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