Hannah Brown Asks Out "Cute" Mystery Man by Leaving Her Phone Number on His Car

After exchanging smiles with a "beautiful specimen of a human," Bachelorette alum Hannah Brown left the stranger a note with her phone number. Scroll on to read the "plot twist."

By Elyse Dupre Oct 19, 2020 2:28 PMTags
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Hannah Brown is taking another shot at love—this time without the roses.

The Bachelorette alum took to Instagram on Sunday, Oct. 18 to dish on a mystery man who caught her eye. The reality star was walking down the street when "this beautiful specimen of a human" passed her by.

"He was so cute," Brown said, later adding, "We kind of smiled at each other, I think."

While the 26-year-old was "too nervous to say anything," she decided to leave him a note on his car. The only problem was she wasn't 100 percent sure which vehicle was his.

"I said, 'We smiled at each other on the sidewalk. I was wearing a pink dress,'" Brown said, reading her note. "'Call me sometime.'"

Brown, who starred on season 15 of the ABC dating series, was already imagining the kind of love story this would make. "Maybe we will show our kids this someday," she wrote on Instagram. "And our grandkids. Lol."

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Luckily, she picked the right car and the man got the message.


Although, Brown was a little nervous about his reaction.

"OK, he was about to walk up when I was putting the note on there, and I fully freaked out and ran like a crazy person," Brown said. "He's reading the note. If you could see, I have pit stains. S--t I'm scared."

So, did they go out on a date? Well, not exactly. It looks like another suitor pursued her first.

"So, plot twist," Brown told her followers the next day. "I ended up actually being asked out by this other guy I met, like, a few weeks ago, and it actually was really good."

The Alabama star didn't share any details on the second guy. However, she did have a few words for the note's recipient who didn't call: "You snooze, you lose, man."

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