Eva Mendes Talks Raising Her Kids With Ryan Gosling and Hints at Her "Ambition" to Act Again

While Eva Mendes is notoriously private, she recently opened up about raising her kids with Ryan Gosling and possibly making a Hollywood comeback.

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Eva Mendes is keeping it real.

While the actress is notoriously private, she recently shared some rare insight into her personal life. In a candid interview with The Sydney Morning Herald, the 46-year-old star opened up about her quarantine experience with Ryan Gosling and their two daughters, Esmeralda, 6, and Amada, 4.

At the same time, Eva hinted that she's ready to make a Hollywood comeback. "I feel like, as far as my ambition, it didn't go away, it just shifted onto the children," she explained to the outlet.

"I applaud and look up to those women who can do it all, but I'm not one of them," she continued, "and, thankfully, I have a choice not to work and I realize how fortunate I am that it's even a choice. I've been so happy to be able to incubate with my babies, but now they are four and six, I'm starting to feel like my ambition is coming back."

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Speaking about her home life with the La La Land actor, whom she met on the set of the 2012 drama The Place Beyond the Pines, Eva said there's never a dull moment.

"Sometimes it feels like we are running some kind of bed-and-breakfast with very drunk and aggressive guests," she quipped. "We really do feel like we are working in a hotel, and the guests are angry and bossy and demand food brought to them."

She added, "And by the time they go to sleep, we're left to just clean up and talk about how they've treated us that day!"

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Jokes aside, Eva explained she wouldn't change anything and actually cherishes those moments.

"When we feel like we're just 'in it,' like all parents do during these times," she expressed, "we remind ourselves that these are the good times because we're all together and we're all safe right now."

Earlier this month, the Hitch alum echoed the same sentiments on Instagram after a fan suggested that Ryan needed to "get her out" of the house more. Her response? "No thank you, I'm good. Rather be home with by man than anywhere else in the world."

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Months prior, Eva opened up about why she likes to keep a "clear boundary" on social media when it comes to her kids and partner.

"I have always had a clear boundary when it comes to my man and my kids," the star replied to a fan on Instagram in April. "I'll talk about them of course, with limits, but I won't post pictures of our daily life. And since my children are still so little and don't understand what posting their image really means, I don't have their consent. And I won't post their image until they're old enough to give me consent."

"As far as Ryan and I, it just works for us this way, To stay private," she added. "Sending loads of love to you at this time."

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