Lizzo Just Proved You Can Love Yourself at Every Stage of Your Life

If you've been feeling down about yourself or criticizing your past choices, Lizzo's latest empowering video will help you out of that slump.

By Samantha Schnurr Oct 14, 2020 1:42 PMTags
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If you've ever criticized your former self, you need to listen to Lizzo

Most of us have been there—you see an old photo of yourself and maybe wish you looked like that versus how you do now. Or you remember a choice you made and chastise yourself about it. Well, stop. As the superstar has once again proven, you can love yourself at every stage.

In a TikTok video the singer posted on Tuesday, Oct. 13, Lizzo celebrated six month of being vegan with a look back at some footage of herself over the last year. She began with a clip taken at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic quarantine, in which she was making a "stale doughnut, poundcake, milkshake-type concoction." In her voice-over, she recalled eating animal products after being vegetarian for seven years.

Then, the post switched to a more recent video of herself making a vegan protein shake. But, before you mistake this for one of those traditional "before and after" weight loss or workout videos, remember this is Lizzo we're talking about. 

"I am both of these women and I cannot condemn one woman or the other," she said. "I'm happy both ways and right now, this is what's bringing me joy."

Lizzo's Most Empowering Quotes

As the video continued, the performer showed herself playfully singing and dancing in her kitchen. "This was me at the beginning of quarantining," Lizzo shared, "happy, loving myself, dancing."

"And you know what?" she added, "I'm still that happy girl, loving myself and loving my body."

Since Lizzo has proven herself to be a master class in self-confidence, she finished the video by leaving fans with some important, uplifting wisdom. "Love yourself at all stages in your life," she encouraged, "because you are who you are."

While she preaches body acceptance, she's also made it clear that diet and exercise are personal choices that others don't have a say in. Back in June, she clapped back with a message on TikTok about her workouts—and did not mince words in the process. 


"I've been working out consistently for the last five years, and it may come as a surprise to some of y'all that I'm not working out to have your ideal body type," she said. "I'm working out to have my ideal body type, and you know what type that is? None of your f--king business, because I am beautiful, I am strong, I do my job and I stay on my job."

"So next time you wanna come to somebody and judge them," she continued, "whether they drink kale smoothies or eat McDonald's or work out or not work out, how about you look at your own f--king self and worry about your own godd--n body."

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