2020 PCAs: Laugh Out Loud With Leslie Jones, Pete Davidson and More Comedy Act Nominees

By Vannessa Jackson Oct 12, 2020 1:00 PMTags

There's never a dull moment when these funny people are around!

Comedy was a much needed escape this year, and luckily, a slew of entertainers were there to provide some welcomed comic relief. This year's 2020 E! People's Choice Awards Comedy Act nominees proved just that!

Pete Davidson, Dave Chappelle, Leslie Jones, Jim Gaffigan, Jerry Seinfeld, Jo Koy, Hannah Gadsby and George Lopez are all of the funny people who proved that laughter is truly the best medicine.

Whether it was Seinfeld's hilarious observational take on everything from current culture to his life or Chappelle's sobering take on the Black Lives Matter protests following the death of George Floyd earlier this summer, there is no topic that can't be braved with a little bit of humor.

Check out all the stars who are being honored with a Comedy Act of 2020 nomination for the E! People's Choice Awards below. Trust us, you'll be laughing until you cry!

2020 People's Choice Awards: Movie Nominees

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Dave Chappelle

Dave Chappelle is a household name who has worked tirelessly to bring laughter to millions. After the death of George Floyd in the summer of 2020, Chappelle quickly took his brand of humor and honesty to the stage to talk directly to the people. In a short stand-up style conversation, he lamented about the death of Floyd, the ensuing Black Lives Matter protests and offered a voice of support for the Black community in his short comedy act 8:46.

George Lopez

George Lopez has the ability to turn any situation into a gut-busting moment of absolute hilarity. In his special George Lopez: We'll Do It for Half, Lopez talks about his upbringing, his life as a famous comedian and finds a way to make the world seem a little less scary. 

Hannah Gadsby

Hannah Gadsby took the world by storm with her first tradition-breaking special Nanette in 2018. She made critics question comedy, audiences rexamine themselves and opened the doors for new and exciting ways to explore the art form. With her latest special Hannah Gadsby: Douglas, Gadsby doubled down on the jokes and personality that made her one of the biggest names in stand-up.

Jerry Seinfeld

When you think stand-up comedy, you think Jerry Seinfeld. The comedian has been entertaining audiences for almost four decades and he shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. On his latest Netflix special, Jerry Seinfeld: 23 Hours to Kill, the comedian proved that he's still got it and the world is still dazzled by his sharp wit.

Jo Koy

Jo Koy is the greatest example of an underdog story. For years, the comedian worked his butt off honing his craft in comedy clubs across the country. Finally, the world is taking notice. His special Jo Koy: In His Elements broke boundaries and featured the comedian in the Philippines to show off the local culture and of course poke a little fun at himself along the way.

Leslie Jones

Leslie Jones is in a league of her own. The former Saturday Night Live funny lady has been proving for years that she has the comedy chops to stand on her own. In her first Netflix special Leslie Jones: Time Machine she cemented herself as one of the funniest comedians to ever grace the stage. If we had a time machine, we'd go back and watch the special all over again.

Pete Davidson

Pete Davidson proved that there is no boundary he won't cross in order to make a great joke. The comedian's special Pete Davidson: Alive From New York touched on his hilariously fraught relationship with Louis C.K., his ex-girlfriend Ariana Grande and the death of his late father. Davidson's comedy is not afraid to go where no man has gone before.

Jim Gaffigan

Jim Gaffigan is never one to back down from a challenge. The longtime comedian has found a way to make sure that he's staying true to his brand of observational comedy, while also taking his act international. In his special The Pale Tourist, he managed to travel the world meeting people and learning about their culture in order to entertain people internationally. Impressive and very savvy.

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