James Charles Reveals to Naomi Campbell Exactly How Much Work He’s Had Done

YouTuber James Charles spilled the tea to Naomi Campbell on just how much Botox and lip filler he's gotten, following his mysterious surgeries in May.

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Beauty guru James Charles may not be totally natural, but he promised "I don't have too much" Botox. 

Charles opened up to Naomi Campbell for a YouTube interview she posted on Tuesday, Oct. 6, and he revealed just how much work he's had done to his face.

"I have lip filler. I have Botox. I'm very open about it," the YouTube star shared. "I don't have too much of it, but for me, my dad has literally the worst forehead wrinkles you could literally imagine on anybody ever. So for me, my Botox was very much just preventative, because my dad and I have a very, very similar face." 

Campbell shot back, "You're too young!"

Charles laughed it off. The 21-year-old said, "There's not a lot in there, I promise. I can definitely still move everything around, so we're very, very good."

Campbell added, "Us Geminis, we need our expressions." 

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Charles agreed, saying, "Oh, absolutely! Literally when I first got it, I was like, 'Listen girl, I don't want any wrinkles but I need to be able to move my eyebrows. And if I'm frozen, we're going to have a problem.'" 

He explained he has "just a little bit of filler" in his lips and vowed he won't be one to over-do it on the plastic surgery. "I promise I would never, ever go overboard," he continued. "Like I said, my dad's forehead. Pray that I never get to that.

The makeup artist, who has released several products with Morphe cosmetics, underwent two surgeries in May. He joked that he got an "ass reduction," but later shot down the rumors. He tweeted, "it has come to my attention that people actually believed that my surgery yesterday was an ass reduction.... baby... i would never get rid of this thicker than a snicker juicy caboose."  

A source told E! News back then that Charles had two elective, non-cosmetic procedures that week. "Both were minor but should drastically improve his quality of life," the source said.

Charles tweeted, "neither had to do with my ass lmaoo but they're both life changing and things I've needed to do for a long time." 

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He's also gotten LASIK eye surgery at Dougherty Laser Vision. The beauty expert explained, "The next day I literally woke up, and I can now see 20/20, which is absolutely insane."

In his new interview with Campbell, Charles talked more about working with other celebs. Coming off his makeover for JoJo Siwa, he said he'd love to do makeup looks for Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato and Billie Eilish.

His Internet stardom even allowed him to attend the Met Gala in 2019. 

"I was talking to Shawn Mendes for quite a while," he said of the New York gala. "I was super nervous, so he was giving me a lot of really cool advice." He later met another pop star, Halsey, whom he described as "super fun" and "the sweetest." Charles added of the glamorous night, "I was dancing and Kim [Kardashian] came up behind me and started dancing with me." Goals!

Kim Kardashian West is inspiring the YouTube creator in another way, as well. Charles said if he wasn't into makeup, he'd probably be studying to be a lawyer like she is.

"I was very, very good at arguing when I was growing up. I still am now," he noted. "I definitely always had a huge interest in the law, making changes to society and kind of fighting for what's right. And I always felt like if I wasn't doing this, I would probably be in law school." 


He said that looking into legal work was "on my to-do list last year," but he's gotten so busy. "It is definitely something that I'm still open to," he added.

In the meantime, he's working on creating content for his 22.7 million "sisters" on YouTube. This year, he moved into a new home near L.A. and turned the indoor pool into a full-on production studio.

Oh, and he had his whole crew join him. "My team lives with me, too, so that made it a lot easier," Charles said. "I'm very grateful that I have a job where I am able to work from home."

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