Ariana Biermann Reveals Just How "Serious" She and Boyfriend Aaron Scott Are

The Don't Be Tardy star opened up about her model boyfriend. Plus, what big sister Brielle Biermann thinks of him.

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Has Ariana Biermann found the one?

The Don't Be Tardy star is giving an update on her relationship with boyfriend Aaron Scott ahead of tonight's Don't Be Tardy premiere on Bravo.

"We are doing amazing. He is honestly one of the most incredible people that I've ever met. And just like my best friend," Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann's daughter tells E! News exclusively.
The 18-year-old reality star adds, "We are doing amazing and he gets along very well with my family, which makes me really happy and he is a very driven, motivated person, which helps me motivate myself as well. We just better each other in every aspect and it's just honestly such an amazing experience and I'm so happy right now with my life, and just everything it's going amazing."

Ariana and Aaron have been dating for several months now and she confirms things are getting "serious."

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"Yes, we are pretty serious," she admits. "This is definitely my first serious boyfriend since Collin, the boy that I dated a few years back on Don't Be Tardy."


Much like mama Kim, Ariana's big sister Brielle Biermann has also given Aaron her stamp of approval.
"I love Aaron. I think he's amazing," Brielle tells E!. "He checks off every, any box on the list. But she's my little sister so naturally I don't really like the guy just because like I'm not gonna like anybody around, you know? I understand why parents think their children are like 12 forever because Ariana is growing up and she's turning into this beautiful, amazing woman but it's like you're still my little chicken nugget and I will always think of you."

Brielle adds, "So seeing her with the boy and having a serious relationship and her traveling and like doing all these things that I do... It's just like, 'What? Slow down.'"

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Ariana's model man is actually an identical twin, which Ariana confirms can be "weird" at times.

"It is actually kind of interesting because it's different to see out there the exact same human being but completely different," she says. "And like every aspect of it is just weird and if I'm in the kitchen when I'm with both of them, I'm like, 'Oh my god there's two of you, what is happening?'...Like, I don't get it that there's two, it's incredible, but also kind of scary and like weird to think like, 'Oh my gosh, there's two of my boyfriends.'"

Don't miss the season eight premiere of Don't Be Tardy tonight (Oct. 6) at 10 p.m. on Bravo.

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