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Talk about life imitating art!

Nearly 30 years after Bill Murray battled that damn destructive gopher in the cult-classic golf flick Caddyshack, the actor-comedian took to the green again for the Outback Pro-Am and ended up taking out a spectator!

Gayle DiMaggio, a resident of the Tampa Bay golf course community, was just trying to catch a glimpse of the star from her backyard when Murray's tee shot took an unexpected hook to the left and whacked her upside the head.

"All of a sudden I felt this explosion in my head. I thought I was having a stroke because I just felt something go off," explained DiMaggio.

While she was eventually taken to the hospital and treated for a minor head injury, the former SNL cast member made it up to DiMaggio by filling her wait for the ambulance with lots of laughs.

"He leaned down next to me, [asked] 'How many fingers?' Then he just starts his comedy routine. He lifted my shirt. He gave me belly-tickles. He was great! If you're going to get hit in the head by a ball it might as well be Bill Murray, who is the reason I was out here to begin with."

Belly-tickles aside, Murray did feel guilty about his wayward tee-off and handled the situation by doing what he does best—making a funny! "They took her to the hospital and she's going to have plastic surgery done; get her ears pulled back and her eyes done."

While watching the Pro-Am from a safe—and indoor—location the following day, DiMaggio only asked one thing of Murray: an autographed copy of his '80s hit, Caddyshack. Honestly, what could be more fitting?

Check out the local news report with interviews from both Murray and Dimaggio on the golfing mishap.

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