Channing Tatum Just Added a New Member to His Family: Meet Rooklin

Channing Tatum took to social media to introduce his followers to his new dog, Rooklin. Scroll on to meet the Magic Mike star's new Dutch Shepherd.

By Jess Cohen Oct 05, 2020 11:41 AMTags
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There's a new member of the Tatum family! Meet Rooklin, Channing Tatum's new puppy.

The Magic Mike alum took to social media on Sunday, Oct. 4, to introduce his followers to his beloved new dog. "This is the newest member of the Tatum tribe. Meet 'Rook' or 'Rooklin' 12 week old Dutch Shepard!" the 40-year-old actor wrote. "He's gonna be a goon."

This is the first new pup Tatum has had since the loss of his dog Lulu, who he shared with his ex-wife, Jenna Dewan. The former couple mourned the death of Lulu, who passed away from cancer, in Dec. 2018.

"After i lost my LuLu i didn't know when or if I'd be open to having another dog," Tatum explained to his fans. "But he sought me out and we met eyes and then some imprinting type s--t happened."

"Haha I just hope i can handle the little hood rat," the Step Up star continued. "Haha that's also his nickname when he's being a little s--t 'hoodie' cause boi is he little savage sometimes. @goldcoastk9 @dogthefilm he gonna be a hard hitter."

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The timing of Rooklin's arrival couldn't be more perfect, considering Tatum is currently working on a movie entitled—you guessed it—Dog.

"It's already been a crazy ride. And we've only just begun," Tatum, who is directing and starring in the film, wrote to his Instagram followers on Sept. 21. "And if we survive the rest, it will be one of the most insane stories that I've ever been a part of. And I've been a part of some pretty crazy ones in this life of mine."

"This photo is from our first day of production on the first movie that my partner Reid [Carolin] and I are directing," he continued. "This is our story. It's taken us two years to get it to the starting line. The next eight weeks will be like riding a bull on sickmode in ludicrous speed. God be with us. In Dog we trust."

On Sunday, Tatum also took to his Instagram Story to document his first sunset run with Rooklin, noting the pup did "rather well."

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