Hannah Brown’s Fun Facts Will Make You Feel Better About Your Quarantine Brows

Bachelorette star Hannah Brown has insecurities, too. She revealed she has a unibrow that looks "like Chewbacca" and used Accutane to treat her acne while auditioning for The Bachelor.

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Hannah Brown is here to make us all feel better about our acne and overgrown brows. 

The Bachelorette star shared 10 fun facts about herself on YouTube on Wednesday, Sept. 30, and it turns out the beauty queen has had a major glow up that's all too relatable. 

Unexpectedly, Hannah said she has a unibrow that she waxes all the time. She discovered the feature in third grade at the hands of a classmate. "I will never forget the day that this boy Dylan in my class pointed it out to me," Hannah said. "I definitely had a unibrow and I came home and I was so upset. I started waxing the middle of my eyebrows in third grade."

The 26-year-old joked, "These suckers grow back in the middle of the night. I'm telling you, if I went three days without [waxing], I would have a unibrow." She explained that a cosmetologist told her to let her eyebrows grow out for six to eight weeks. "I was like, 'Woman, it's going to take over my face. I'm gonna look like Chewbacca.'" 

She added that it's surprising that people now compliment her brows as "very distinct." Little do they know! 

Behind the Scenes of Hannah Brown's Season of The Bachelorette

Hannah continued with her realness and admitted she's had awful acne, even while auditioning for The Bachelor. In fact, her breakouts almost dissuaded her from trying out to be on the show.

"It always seemed like they had like zero pores on their skin," she said of the contestants. "I had never had acne ever in my life and then randomly one day it was just a whole dramatic thing."

She recalled telling the producers, "'I don't know if you want me on the show because I'm kind of going through this Accutane thing and I don't know what's going to happen to my skin.' ... They're like, 'It's okay. You can be on our show.'"

While competing on the 23rd season of The Bachelor starring Colton Underwood, she tried to avoid wearing heavy foundation but noticed she was the only one going au naturale. Hannah admitted, "I would have all these red bumps on my face and everybody looking like a supermodel in the morning. I'm like, 'This is not real.'"

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On top of those two insecurities, Hannah shared that she "got a face lift at the age of eight." Inspired by the circus, she tried to be a trapeze artist and fell off a swing onto concrete in her backyard. She ended up breaking both her arms, getting a concussion, busting her chin open and getting 18 stitches that left a scar on her chin.

"My dad picked me up and my mom fainted. And it was this whole thing," she said. "They take me to a plastic surgeon just to sew my chin up."

With the "face lift" behind her, Hannah revealed she was a bit of a late bloomer when it came to dating and had only kissed three guys before she went on the ABC dating show. She didn't have her first kiss until she was 17, and it was in a car. She remembers the steamy smooch being "like that moment in Titanic" ...kind of. 

"Instead of my first kiss being like a peck, oh no, we fogged up the windows making out," she laughed. "It actually went really great." 

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The Southern belle is a little inexperienced in the cooking department as well. Hannah confessed she's never had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, doesn't know how to cook eggs and loves chicken livers. 

Although she likes peanut butter, jelly and bread separately, her mom never made her PB&Js growing up and now she just keeps the trend going as a quirk.

"I've lived so much life now that it's just kind of a fun fact. ... I won't stop now," she said. "Uncrustables actually look really gross. ... I'd be like, 'Why is this a thing? My mom's made me a gourmet turkey sandwich that she cut out with a heart.'" 

The former Miss Alabama USA winner hopes a guy in her life can make up for her naiveté when it comes to eggs. "If somebody asked me to cook them eggs, I would refuse because they're not good," Hannah said. "I just need to find somebody who will cook me eggs."

She also needs a man that can make her favorite dish—fried chicken livers—preferably with gravy or ketchup: "Everything tastes better with ketchup."

So how's Tyler Cameron in the kitchen? The pair sparked dating rumors after reuniting in Florida in March.

A source told E! News they were "not in a position to date" back then, and Hannah reassured fans she was single in May. "I feel like right now in quarantine's not the best time to try to date, but I feel like I am in a place where I'm ready to do that—to test the waters a little bit," she said. 

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