Adam Brody and Keiko Agena Give Us the Gilmore Girls Reunion We Didn't Know We Needed

Gilmore Girls co-stars Adam Brody and Keiko Agena wrote letters to voters, because, as Adam said, "It’s been this constant dichotomy of loving, enjoying my life and also freaking out."

By Lindsay Weinberg Sep 25, 2020 2:37 AMTags
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Adam Brody and Keiko Agena are single-handedly saving 2020 by giving us the Gilmore Girls reunion we desperately needed.

The on-screen lovers, who played bandmates Dave and Lane before the characters' tragic breakup, chatted on Instagram live on Thursday, Sept. 24, to promote the organization Vote Forward and have a "long-awaited" reunion.

It turns out that Lane and Dave might be the biggest activists in Stars Hollow, as the stars volunteered to write letters to voters in swing states ahead of the U.S. presidential election.

Beforehand, though, it was time for a proper catch up. Keiko asked, "How have you been?" And Adam joked, "How have I been these past 17 years?" 

The 40-year-old actor answered, "Pretty wonderful. And it's this constant, lately, it's been this constant dichotomy of loving, enjoying my life and also freaking out and pulling my hair over the state of affairs of the world and our country right now and kind of trying to do both. So it's like party in the day, freak out at night." 

Part of that has to be baby bliss. Adam, who married Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester in 2014, welcomed their second child earlier this month during quarantine. 

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He said "it's cathartic" to get involved in the election. "I feel like I can breathe easier after."

Adam explained that he went door-knocking for the 2016 election in Orange County, because "Everything I do has to be TV-related," the O.C. actor joked. "That's putting in the work. I was happy to do it. ... With the pandemic, that's not doable this year so we're doing this. I'm brand new to this." 

 One issue that's especially important to Adam is climate change. "I believe that we're in a climate catastrophe that's coming and obviously every state, every part of the world, let alone country, has felt it in some way. It's now very tangible," he said. "If we can just harness our collective power we can solve this and we can have a better economy with better paying, healthier jobs because of it."

Keiko, 46, agreed that we're in tumultuous times, filled with "stress and worry." She has written more than 900 letters to voters and gave him some pointers on what to say, including making it nonpartisan. 

Adam joked, "I'm just going to go with, 'I believe in a woman's right to choose. And too bad if you don't.' Just kidding." 



At the end, fans submitted questions for the actors about their time on Gilmore Girls. Adam shared his favorite memories while filming on the Warner Bros. lot. "There was something so cozy and old-fashioned about it," he said. "There was something thrilling to me."

Keiko added, "We were so lucky to have you for whatever amount of time. ... We knew it when you were there that it was great."

Most of the original Gilmore Girls cast reunited in 2016 for the release of Netflix's four-episode sequel, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. Fans got to see a new glimpse of Keiko as Lane Kim, who is married to Zack (Todd Lowe) in Stars Hollow and raising their twins. However, Adam didn't return for the show, making the Instagram catch-up all the more special. 

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