Kate Hudson's Diet Plan Will Inspire Your Next Health Kick, and Yes Ice Cream Is Included

Kate Hudson shared her likes, dislikes and more in detailed video about what she eats in a day. Find out more below!

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Ever wondered what Kate Hudson eats in a day to maintain her sculpted physique? Well, you're in luck.

In a new video with Harper's Bazaar, the How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days star detailed what she eats and drinks starting with her first waking moments. And surprisingly, the actress' daily routine is relatively simple—and even includes a few indulgences.

As a Weight Watchers ambassador, Kate has credited the program with helping her get back in shape after giving birth to three kids.

And most recently, the actress relied on WW to stay grounded during the pandemic. In August, she exclusively told E! News, "I've always said that community is essential to wellness that's why Fabletics is a community, that's why I've partnered with WW, which has an amazing community of members who support each other. Your community—no matter who it is—can help you find balance! Don't expect yourself to be a super-human! It's just not possible."

As for her eating habits, Kate's go-to meal plan is below!

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Pep Start:

"First thing I do when I wake up is I stare at the wall and I think to myself, 'Am I going to get up now? Or am I going to get up 50-minutes from now? Or am I just going to go back to sleep?' And then I drink water. I do not eat first thing in the morning. The first thing I do in the morning is I have celery juice. And if anybody does celery juice on an empty stomach they know why—cause it's a joyous morning activity."

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Most Important Meal of the Day:

"A typical breakfast for me would be... Well, there's two typical breakfasts. One is two soft-boiled eggs with some sourdough and butter and avocado with olive oil and sea salt. But I don't do eggs every day. Then, I'll do an oatmeal with like almond butter and banana and maybe some blueberries, some maple syrup, cinnamon, chia seeds. Maybe some walnuts in there or maybe more almonds. Walnuts are—I feel like they're underrated. I feel like more people use almonds or cashews but a walnut? A walnut in your oatmeal is really yummy."


"So what's after that? In a typical day I'll go from a breakfast to either a salad lunch or like an on-the-go I'm just going to get a smoothie lunch. A smoothie for me would be like a protein based drink. I like the chocolatey type flavors like banana and almond butter and chocolate, that kind of thing. If it's a salad I'll eat anything really. But a chopped salad, that's kind of a go-to for me. Here in L.A., La Scala is like a staple and they do the most amazing chopped salad; I do extra salami, no cheese, cucumbers, no tomatoes, basil and extra dressing."

Break a Sweat:

"I always try to find at least a half-hour to work out. In fact, today I didn't work out and it's getting late. And I'll still find a time to workout—Is there an animal in my bush? I've been known to have a raccoon that is as big as my Australian sheepdog, so that scares me when things like that happen, you know?"


"I try not to be a big snacker, but I love a snack. I unfortunately cannot stay away from chips and salsa. Like anytime I'm like, 'Oh, I'm kind of not fitting into my jeans,' it's usually because I've been on a big chips and salsa kick. And Simple Mills makes an amazing cheddar almond flour cheddar. It's like a Cheez-It, but healthy. That's big in our house."



"I try to eat dinner with my kids which is early. Rani for instance, Rani eats around 5:30 but then my boys will eat around six so I try to get everybody to do between 5:30 and six. If that doesn't happen for me I like to eat before seven. Unless I'm going out, which I don't do that anymore."

Favorite Meal:

"My favorite meal to cook... I have a bit of that thing where like, if I am going to cook, I'm going to cook like a really extensive soufflé that takes forever and like has a million weird ingredients you can't find and then you kind of get halfway through it and you're like, 'Why did I choose the most difficult thing on the planet to do?' But I would say one of my favorite meals that I cook—it's always so loved—and it's a nutmeg chicken. It's shallots, it's lemon, fresh herbs that you put in there and you kind of brown the chicken in the oven. And then when you take it out and you make this nutmeg. And like I said, it sounds extensive but it's actually simple. You make like this nutmeg gravy and rice and it's so insanely yummy."



"My beverage of choice for dinner. If I'm in a health mode it's sparkling water all day long. If I'm not on a health kick, which happens every other week, I might do a pre-dinner cocktail—a martini or I'll do a Moscow mule. Sometimes I'll do some tequila. If I'm feeling really fancy, I do love a Negroni and I love something called Boulevardier—It's bourbon and campari. Cocktails are good but I'm a good responsible cocktail person. Like I'll go a good two weeks and be like, 'Oh, I haven't had a cocktail.'"

Nighttime Snack:

"I really try not to late night snack but I do. And my late night snack is always going to be in the ice cream department. If it's late, I am going right for ice cream and as much as I'd love it to be like an old school Haagen-Dazs, they do great oat milk ice creams now. So I try to stay non-dairy because it's a little bit better for me. And mint chip I love because it's refreshing. But I really like a dolce de leche type of and with chocolate chips." 

Least Favorite Foods:

"I'd be hard pressed to find something I don't love. I'm not a big fan of like rice puddings. So anything that gets too like creamy count me out."

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