National Voter Registration Day: Jennifer Aniston, Taylor Swift and More Stars Encourage Fans to Vote

With the presidential election less than two months away, celebrities like Hailey Bieber, Faith Hill and more are providing resources for followers who want to vote.

By Mike Vulpo Sep 22, 2020 5:57 PMTags
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It's almost time to rock the vote.

With the presidential election quickly approaching, many celebrities are speaking out on National Voter Registration Day and encouraging their fans to get involved in Decision 2020. 

On Tuesday, Sept. 22, Kerry Washington grabbed the attention of followers when she shared a steamy gif from her ABC series. "SCANDAL THE MOVIE," she wrote on Instagram. "Link in bio for more info…" 

That link turned out to be the site of When We All Vote, a non-profit, nonpartisan organization that is on a mission to increase participation in every election.

Taylor Swift offered up resources to her fans on Instagram Stories and expressed her thoughts on just how crucial it is to have your voice heard. "We need everyone and it is more important than I could ever possibly say," she explained.

And fresh off her lit 2020 Emmys appearance, Jennifer Aniston offered helpful links on her Instagram Stories including the option to register to vote. "Do it for RBG," she wrote while paying tribute to the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg who passed away on Sept. 18.

Stars Vote in the 2020 Presidential Election

To see who else is speaking out and encouraging Americans to get involved, keep scrolling below.

Hailey Bieber: "Hi! Today is National Voter Registration Day! This years election to me is the most important of my lifetime, and I hope you feel the same. So PLEASE register, or check your registration and make a plan to VOTE!" 

Faith Hill: "Happy Voter Registration Day! If you are registered to vote, make sure your friends are registered as well. If you are not registered to vote, now is the time to do it! Swipe up in my story to find an easy step-by-step guide to register. Have you all made your voting plan? Voting in person or voting by mail, make sure you know the deadlines in your state and don't forget that early voting is available as an option too. Hope you all have a great day!" 

Kate Hudson: "Gonna make sure this firecracker of a young lady has her rights protected. Mama cub is out! It's National Voter Registration Day. VOTE #nationalvoterregistrationday #vote." 

Jenna Ushkowitz: "#MyFirstTime was when I was 18! I remember going into my school gym with my mother and father (which was our polling place) and being excited & nervous to vote. Growing up being taught about women's suffrage and knowing women had to fight hard to get the right to vote, I think I felt compelled to vote in their honor. I understood the importance of my voice and I was taught that every vote counted. The election was George W. Bush and John Kerry. I was excited to be able to exercise my right for the first time and even better, an election year was the year I turned 18! I was nervous because I didn't know what I was doing and I didn't want to mess up. It seemed such a daunting task with some unfamiliar names that I was supposed to vote for. (I was then told I didn't have to vote for a candidate if it was unfamiliar or I didn't know.) Is this your first time voting? Are you registered to vote? If you haven't, go to to do it in two minutes. Then tag me in your #myfirsttime post so I can hear your story. #nationalvoterregistrationday" 

Amy Schumer: "Florida's pay-to-vote system stops formerly convicted individuals with fines & fees from voting.
Donate to NOW so that everyone can register by 10/5. @flrightsrestore #FreeTheVote." 

Steph Curry: "Winning is all about doing the prep. And TODAY is prep day. Make sure you're #VoteReady by clicking the link. Check out @UnderArmour #RunToVote to do your part on Nov 3rd. Let's do this! #NationalVoterRegistrationDay" 

Joseph Gordon-Levitt: "Today's #NationalVoterRegistrationDay. Pause whatever you're doing for a moment to update your voter registration. It shouldn't take you more than two minutes, and it's never been more important." 

Leonardo DiCaprio: "Today is #NationalVoterRegistrationDay and early voting has already started in several states. Register to vote and make sure your voice is heard. Head to to get registered today. #Vote2020" 

Laura Dern: "It's National Voter Registration Day! Make sure you and your coworkers are signed up to vote. I did!! The future is voting."

Kesha: "ANIMALS!! It's #NationalVoterRegistrationDay!! text VOTER to 40649 or go to @headcountorg to register to vote or to verify ur status." 

Justine Skye: "In honor of National Black Voter Registration I pledge to register to vote and vote on Nov 3rd.
Our Vote Counts! Let's make change. Let's do the work." 

Mindy Kaling: "I'm registered. Are you?? #NationalVoterRegistrationDay #VOTE" 

Rachel Lindsay: "About to head out the door but first let me request my absentee ballot! Are you registered to vote? If so, are you encouraging others to vote? I'm proud to partner with @BananaRepublic x @RocktheVote to encourage people to register. Voting is so important and it allows you to express your voice to protect your rights! Don't give the right away...time is running out! #VotingIsYourVoice." 

Kendall Jenner: "Check out my live in my IGTV with @jfavs and @votesaveamerica to get some question answered! REGISTER AND VOTE"

Zendaya: "I think its super important," the Emmy winner shared with Michelle Obama during an Instagram Live. "I'm definitely glad that we could talk about it and make sure that I'm lending my voice to make sure people feel motivated to get out there and vote and make sure they are prepared and ready and have all of the tools they need." 

Mandy Moore: "It's #nationalvoterregistrationday. Are you registered? This is the most consequential election of our lifetime and your voice deserves to be heard! Link in bio to make sure you're ready for November 3rd (or early voting)!!"

Camilla Cabello: "COMIN TO U FROM ACROSS THE POND WHERE ITS NIGHT TIME.. it's national voter registration Day in America! 42 days left until the most important election of our lives. This election, we aren't just voting for President or other down-ballot races. More than ever before, we are voting to stand up against injustice and fight for the issues we care about. Your voice matters so make sure it is heard. What I'm trying to say is !!!! Register to vote. Make a plan to cast your ballot. Be a poll worker. Ask everyone you know if they have a voting plan. Go to the link in my bio to check your registration status OR Text VOTER to 40649. LOVE YOUUUU . @headcountorg #VoteReady"

Sofia Richie: "Happy national voter registration day. THE REAL POWER IS IN YOUR HANDS… VOTE! Please register." 

Salma Hayek: "I'm teaming up with @votolatino #EnLaLucha. We're voting for our lives this year, and we need EVERYONE. Today is #NationalVoterRegistrationDay , so register to vote by going to my stories and swiping up! Get your family on board, and get out the vote!"

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