Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan Detail Buddy Danielson's First Weeks at Home

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Parenthood times two!

Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan (born Bryan Danielson) welcomed their second child, a baby boy named Buddy Danielson, a little over a month ago—however, as the couple discussed on the latest episode of The Bellas Podcast, they're still not used to the idea of having kids, plural!

"There's no way I'm responsible enough to be a dad," Bryan shared. "Except I am...Mentally, I just don't feel it."

That couldn't be further from the truth according to Brie, who praised his parenting skills while detailing the routine they've established with Buddy and their 3-year-old daughter, Birdie Danielson.

"It's really funny because I see all these parents post about homeschooling and how awful it is," the Total Bellas star began. I'm like, I think my husband is the only man in the world who buys all this homeschooling stuff when our daughter's really not an age where she needs to be. He does it for fun!"

Buddy Danielson's Cutest Pics

Brie continued, explaining to her listeners that Bryan's been sleeping in their guest room to stay on Birdie's schedule.

"COVID's been a big change for her, not going to school and all her fun little classes," Brie added. "And then Artem [Chigvintsev] and Nicole [Bella] having a baby and all that attention going away, and then us having one. And even though she's obsessed with Buddy, it's hard when it's all about you and then you're sharing it all. So we were like, we want Bryan to be able to have all the attention and energy for her."

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"It's allowed me to just give all my attention to Buddy," Brie continued. "Now I obviously have my little times with Birdie throughout the day and I make sure I give her all the attention, but it's really kind of helped me not be so stressed out."

And boy does Buddy need Brie's attention! Even though Brie and Bryan described him as being a relatively calm baby, they admitted he's a "milk monster."

"Last night, I'm not kidding, he woke me up every two hours to eat," Brie revealed, joking that her "boobs are scared of him."

Later on in the podcast episode, Brie and Bryan looked back at the day Buddy was actually born. Until then, they hadn't known the baby's sex, and Bryan was apparently convinced Brie was carrying a girl.

"I just felt like I am meant to be the father of girls; Like I'm the perfect girl dad," he explained. "So the whole time I just thought it was a girl. And then moments before I walk into the operating room for Brie's C-section, I was meditating, just trying to calm myself a little bit...and I just got this feeling it's a boy."

Brie Bella & Birdie's Cutest Pics

Obviously, Bryan was right—he admitted to looking at the baby's "junk" before the face—and while Brie was surprised, she was more shocked to see how identical Buddy was to Bryan.

"When I saw him, I was like, oh my gosh, there is a mini version of my husband dangling in the air!" she said.

"I just look at Buddy now even, and I'm still trying to find the features of me. I think I've found a couple," Brie added. "I just picture he and Bryan like, I'm sure they're gonna wrestle around and all this, but just them looking alike and being together, it makes my heart smile."

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Looking to the future, the couple noted that they're dreading the moment Bryan has to go back to work.

Brie also isn't looking forward to losing the baby weight—something Bryan told her she shouldn't worry about.

"I wish our society was less focused on weight and more focused on health," he said.

Thankfully, Brie responded, "This time around, I'm not putting pressure on myself."

"But you know, I look in the mirror and I'm like alright, I got a ways to go. But it's been too damn hot for me to do anything," she explained. "And I know I can't because of my c-section. But I'm lucky I like Boho clothes and I can cover up!"

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Bryan and Brie ended the podcast on a happy note, with the latter expressing, "Even though we don't feel like we're mature enough to have kids, I feel like we're doing a pretty damn good job so far."

Listen to the full episode of The Bellas Podcast here, and get to know Buddy by scrolling through the below gallery of his cutest pics!

11 Months Old

To celebrate Buddy turning 11 months old, Brie shared this sweet summery snap of her son.

Sweet Bud

In May 2021, Brie wrote, "My sweet Bud."

Just Like Mama

In this pic from May 2021, Brie revealed that her son Buddy inherited her personality.

Brie's Wild Child

Brie shared on Instagram, "Me and my wildling."

Sweet Potato Face

Alongside this adorable photo of Buddy, Brie wrote, "Sweet Potato Face."

Baby's Best Friend

Buddy gives the family dog a lick of his sweet potato snack.

Brie's Sweet Boy

Brie captioned this photo, "My sweet Buddy."

Eight Months

When Buddy turned eight-months-old, Brie posted, "My wild 8 month boy."

Baby Teeth

Brie Bella gave fans a closer look at baby Buddy's budding teeth in this March 2021 update.

Play Time With Buddy

Fans got another look at Buddy's baby teeth in this playtime pic.

Happy Buddy

Alongside this March 2021 photo of her son, Brie wrote, "Hi Buddy"

7 Months Old

In honor of Buddy turning 7-months old, the WWE superstar shared, "Can't believe my little Bud Bud is 7 months....sitting up, crawling and reaching out for me. He's my cuddle sweet little bug!!!"

Brie’s Babies

Brie shared a sweet selfie of kids Birdie and Buddy in February 2021.

Sitting Up

"And just like that, Buddy is sitting up," the Total Bellas star shared online.

The Disaster Artist

Alongside this February 2021 update, Brie joked, "He loves when his sister is out so he can destroy her room lol."

Mountain Man

Brie, Bryan, Birdie and Buddy ventured to Lake Tahoe for a winter getaway.

Happy New Year!

"Ringing in the New Year with these Party Animals!!!" Brie wrote online. "Happy New Year's Bella Army"

Bryan and the Kids

On this Christmas Eve post, Brie wrote, "Best gifts I've ever been given are these 3!!!"

Buddy's First Christmas

Brie took a sweet picture with Buddy ahead of his first Christmas.

All Smiles

While taking selfies of Buddy, Brie penned, "Happy face slowly into the please stop taking my picture face!!"

Done with Pictures

Unfortunately for Brie, Buddy was quickly over the selfie session.

Buddy and Nana

"Best gift we got this year," Brie shared with her followers. "Visit from Nana!"

Playtime with Mom

Buddy beamed as he spent quality time with mom Brie.

Brie's Little Man

In December 2020, Brie shared this photo of herself and her "little man."


Four Months Old

Alongside this sweet photo of Bryan and Buddy, Brie stated, "Buddy is officially 4 months old!!"

Smiling Bright

Brie shared, "I love how one minute they are smiling at you and the next they are sleeping!!"

Sleeping Buddy

Buddy looked so peaceful in this sleeping shot.

Thankful for Family

"Sooo grateful for family and friends," Brie wrote. "And my friends that are like family so on this special Holiday it feels like home."

Sweet as Pie

Buddy couldn't be cuter in this pic from Thanksgiving 2020.

More Playtime

In this Nov. 2020 photo, Buddy enjoyed some bonding time with his cousin, Matteo.

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