RHOBH Preview: Lisa Rinna Presents Denise Richards' Text Messages and Shocks Everyone

Plus, Andy Cohen questions Denise about the cease and desist she sent Brandi Glanville following those sex claims. Watch the explosive reunion sneak peek!

By Brett Malec Sep 16, 2020 4:00 PMTags

Lisa Rinna's got receipts.

E! News has an exclusive sneak peek at the final episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion airing tonight at 9 p.m. on Bravo and tensions between Denise Richards and her former friend hit an all-time high.

The preview begins with host Andy Cohen bringing up the text messages Brandi Glanville showed several of the RHOBH ladies this season to prove she and Denise were close friends. "You think that the text messages are fake, is that correct?" the Bravo exec asks.

"I believe my text thread between Brandi and I are very different, absolutely," Denise confirms.

Rinna shocks everyone by pulling out a stack of physical, printed copies of the alleged text messages, saying, "I have them right here if you guys want to go through them, we can go through them. I have a whole bunch. I don't like bulls--t so let's just go through it."

"Wow!" a stunned Garcelle Beauvais reacts.

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"It's not bulls--t!" Denise replies, adding, "Hey, wait, Rinna: you better be careful saying this because yours will be shown too."

"Are you threatening me?" Rinna responds. "Are you threatening me?"

"I'm telling you the truth. If you want to play this game we can do it," Denise, who announced last week she's leaving the show after two seasons, adds.

"I think it's a promise," Kyle Richards remarks.

Andy then chimes in, "Denise, are you willing to show your text messages to Brandi and show that they don't match up to her text messages?"

"Absolutely. Is Rinna willing to let me show my text messages with her?" Denise replies.

"It's not about me and those are private," Rinna says.

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Rinna then asks Denise if she had Brandi "muzzled" after Brandi claimed she and Denise had sex this season (Denise has vehemently denied Brandi's sex claims). "Did you send a cease and desist to shut her up?" Rinna questions, echoing their conversation from the RHOBH season finale.

"Denise, your lawyer threatened to file a cease and desist against production," Andy chimes in before Denise clarifies, "The cease and desist was against Brandi to make her tell the truth to all of you."

"I have a question," Kyle says, "Is a cease and desist to silence someone or to say you have to tell the truth? I think a cease and desist is like 'Don't talk.'"

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Check out the explosive preview above before part three of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion tonight, Sept. 16, at 9 p.m. on Bravo. Binge past seasons of RHOBH on Peacock starting Sept. 20!

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