Why Paris Hilton Feels "Empowered" After Revealing Past Abuse in New Doc This Is Paris

By Allison Crist Sep 11, 2020 8:48 PMTags

Prepare to meet the real Paris Hilton.

Yes, the 39-year-old socialite and businesswoman may be one of today's most recognizable figures, but as Paris explained on Friday, Sept. 11's Daily Pop—and in the new YouTube Originals documentary, This Is Paris—there's a lot she's kept hidden even while living in the public eye for so many years.

This includes everything from her true feelings about the sex tape scandal to alleged abuse at boarding schools. Even Paris' own mother, Kathy Hilton, didn't know about the latter until everything came pouring out while the doc was being filmed. 

One school, Provo Canyon in Utah, was particularly traumatic according to Paris. There, she was allegedly locked in rooms, screamed at, strangled and ultimately, placed in solitary confinement.

"This is something that I chose to never discuss," Paris told E!'s Carissa Culiner and Justin Sylvester. "As soon as I left there I made a promise to myself that I would never think about or talk about it with anyone ever."

Paris Hilton's Documentary Bombshells: Abuse, Family Secrets and More Revelations

"It was very hard. When I was at the school, we were cut off from the outside world," Paris continued on Daily Pop. "If you ever said one word to your family about it, you immediately got punished. And then when I was out of there, I was just so grateful to be free that I didn't even want to bring it up ever again."

This is why, Paris explained, that she never felt the need to open up to her mother.

Paris Hilton Shares Insight About the "Torture" She Suffered as a Teenager

But now that Kathy, along with the entire world, does know what Paris has been through, she feels "empowered" and "free."

"I feel like I was holding that in for so long," she said, noting another positive to come out of the documentary: other people speaking up about their similar experiences.

"Now all these other survivors who went to that school and other places like that are all coming forward with their stories and it's starting a movement," Paris explained. "And we are going to get these places shut down. That's my mission."

YouTube Originals

While speaking to Carissa and Justin, Paris also opened up about the leaked home video of her having sex with her then-boyfriend Rick Salomon in 2001 when she was 19.

"That was one of the most painful things I've ever went through in my life and my biggest regret that I will regret for the rest of my life," Paris said of the video, which was first posted on the Internet in late 2003.

She continued, "For people to say that it was done on purpose was even more hurtful...I just wish I never met him."

Meet Paris Hilton's Boyfriend Carter Reum

Today, Paris noted that she's in a much better place—especially when it comes to her love life. The former Simple Life star is currently dating 39-year-old businessman and Hilton family friend Carter Reum.

"We're about to celebrate our 10-month anniversary," Paris revealed. "We spend every second together. I've never spent so much time with a boyfriend in my life."

"He is just my best friend and I feel so safe," she added. "I'm finally ready to open my heart and I never was before in my life because of everything I went through. But I feel like it was fate that we met and I'm so excited for our future together."

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Watch the complete Daily Pop interview—in which Paris also talks about her friendship with Kim Kardashian and that hilarious incident with Kimberly Stewart on the red carpet in 2007—in the above video!

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