RHOP's Wendy Osefo on That Incident With T'Challa the Bird and Where They Stand Now

The Real Housewives of Potomac star shared her hilarious take on Monique Samuels' parrot, drama with co-star Ashley Darby and more in exclusive interview

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Forget Wendy Osefo's fight with Ashley Darby, it's her incident with T'Challa the bird that we can't stop talking about!

While last week's episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac mainly followed Wendy's beef with Ashley during the ladies' trip to Monique Samuels' lake house, it was Monique's pet African parrot that brought the drama (and laughs) when it nearly attacked Wendy by flying right into her face (trust us: you'll want to re-watch Wendy's horrified reaction over and over).

"My soul jumped out of my body like, 'Oh my god! Jesus.' It was bad," Wendy tells E! News in an exclusive interview of her altercation with T'Challa.

But good news, RHOP fans: Wendy and T'Challa have no bad blood between them today.

"Me and T'Challa have actually gotten closer. T'Challa actully followed me on Instagram," Wendy says. "T'Challa has an Instagram account. T'Challa has followed me since on Instagram."

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"I'm still suffering from a little bit of PTSD, so I have not followed T'Challa back," the political commentator adds. "But just give me a week or two and I will follow back."

"I am open to mending the relationship," Wendy laughed. "T'Challa is all good with me."

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As for her fight with Ashley last week over Ashley bringing her newborn son Dean on the girls' trip, Wendy says she wish she knew that she could have brought her newborn daughter (and baby No. 3) Kamrynn on the trip as well.

"My delivery could have definitely been better, but I still believe that my points are still valid, right? Like, we're both new moms," Wendy explains. "I never said I was a first-time mom, that was never the argument. The statement was I'm a new mom, and that's true. You are a new mom no matter how many times you have children, just like if I buy a car and it's my second car, it's still a new car, correct? So I'm a new mom, our kids are two weeks apart and I am just asking for the same courtesy. If one mom is allowed to bring her child, then the other mom should be allowed to bring her child as well, or at least extended the invitation and let the moms decide what they want to do."

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