Chris D'Elia "Emphatically" Denies New Sexual Misconduct Accusations

Chris D'Elia denied ever groping and exposing himself to multiple women, nearly three months after facing similar accusations of sexual misconduct.

By Cydney Contreras Sep 02, 2020 9:13 PMTags
Watch: Chris D'Elia Denies New Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Chris D'Elia is denying new accusations of sexual misconduct.

On Wednesday, Sept. 2, CNN reported that three women alleged the comedian had "exposed himself to them on separate occasions without their consent."

One of the women, who asked to remain anonymous, recalled how the 40-year-old allegedly appeared naked at his hotel room door after asking her, a hotel manager, for assistance. "When I knocked on the door, he opened the door and he was completely naked," she claimed. "I was surprised, and I was annoyed that I just came all the way up just so he could expose himself to me."

At the time, the comedian was staying at the hotel because he had a tour stop at the Cleveland Masonic Theater, which CNN confirmed on the theater's website. Additionally, the news site confirmed the woman's story with two coworkers she had talked about the alleged incident with. 

However, her place of work denied having record of the alleged encounter, which she claimed she filed as part of her nightly report. 

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The other women, Megan Drust and Laura Vitarelli, shared similar accounts of their alleged experiences with the comedian.

Vitarelli claimed that the 40-year-old groped her and a friend after meeting him at a 2015 comedy show in New York, when she was just 15. She said that D'Elia had invited her and a friend to a party at his hotel room. But she claimed, "There was no sign of a party at all... He said he was going to make us drinks and her and I were both a little nervous just because it really didn't look like he was about to throw a party. There was nobody else there."

She claimed they then sat on the couch, with him between her and her friend, where he "put one of each of his hands down our backsides and started groping us."

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Vitarelli said they were uncomfortable and, while he protested their departure, they went to leave, at which point he allegedly "pulled out his penis and it was fully erect."

"It was very uncomfortable for the both of us, and we knew we had to get out of there so we left as fast as we could," she said.

Similarly, Drust claimed that D'Elia suddenly exposed his genitals to her after asking her to drive him home. She alleged, "Then he took down his zipper and asked me to touch him and I said, 'What are you doing? No.' And because I wouldn't touch him, he started to masturbate. I couldn't believe it."

In a statement to E! News, D'Elia's attorney, Andrew Brettler said, "D'Elia denies these allegations and emphatically states that he has never engaged in any sexual conduct with any woman without her consent."

D'Elia previously denied accusations of sexual misconduct in June, after numerous women came forward with their accusations on social media.

Immediately following, the actor lost out on business opportunities and was denounced by former co-stars, including comedian Whitney Cummings

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