Dr. Phil Roasts Future Daughter-in-Law Morgan Stewart for Nightly Pop's 200th Episode

By Alyssa Ray Sep 01, 2020 9:58 PMTags
Watch: Dr. Phil Teases Future Daughter-In-Law Morgan Stewart!

A special Nightly Pop cameo for its 200th episode.

In this exclusive clip from Tuesday, Sept. 1's all-new Nightly Pop, Dr. Phil virtually stops by the E! late night show to commemorate their milestone episode. However, in typical Nightly Pop fashion, Dr. Phil's appearance is filled with biting wit and a roast of future daughter-in-law Morgan Stewart.

"I am sure my father-in-law has only compliments for me," Morgan assures her co-hosts Nina Parker and Hunter March.

Little does the former #RichKids of Beverly Hills star know, the famed TV psychologist is a budding roast master.

"Morgan, Morgan, Morgan. What can I say?" Dr. Phil starts off. "Most people talk 125 words a minute, you gust up to about 190 about every 30 seconds."

As he continues, the 70-year-old TV legend teases Morgan for not always speaking "in a straight line."

"It's circular, like a tornado," he quips. "Sometimes, when I'm listening, I feel like I'm rolling backwards down a hill."

Morgan Stewart & Jordan McGraw's Cutest Pics

Continuing with the light-hearted ribbing, Dr. Phil compares Morgan's fast-paced style of talking to an explosion.

He further teases, "You don't want to watch, but I can't look away."

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All jokes aside, Dr. Phil makes it clear that he is "always laughing" and "so engrossed" with Morgan.

Following Dr. Phil's cameo, the pregnant E! personality praises the Dr. Phil star for being a "legend."

Of course, Dr. Phil is a part of the Nightly Pop extended family as he's Morgan's future father-in-law. Back in July 2020, Morgan revealed that she and Jordan McGraw were engaged by posting a photo with a giant diamond ring on that finger.

More than a month later, the engaged twosome confirmed that they're expecting their first child together, a baby girl.

Catch Dr. Phil's Nightly Pop cameo above!

And, for more 200th episode fun, be sure to watch tonight's all-new Nightly Pop on E!

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