These Crazy Facts About Rihanna & Robert Downey Jr. From 10 Things You Don't Know May Shock You

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Rihanna and Robert Downey Jr. have more in common than you think.

Both are superstars in their own right, having earned millions of dollars and a multitude of awards throughout their respective careers—RiRi as a triple threat with a hugely successful makeup company; RDJ as one of the biggest actors of this generation—and we wanted to learn a little more about each celeb.

Thankfully, we didn't have to do the digging on our own since Rihanna and Downey were featured on tonight's brand new episodes of 10 Things You Don't Know

If you're not familiar with the E! series, each episode highlights a celebrity and counts down the 10 most unique, unbelievable and surprising facts about that person. So far, we've learned that the scent of Lady Gaga's first perfume was inspired by blood and semen, that Tiffany Haddish may or may not have killed a man with her "deadly ass," and so much more.

In honor of the latest 10 Things You Don't Know, we gathered the most fascinating facts about both Rihanna and Robert Downey Jr. Keep scrolling to have your mind blown!

Every Time Rihanna Was a Big Mood

Early Age Exorcisms 

Rihanna has surely encountered a number of crazy things throughout her life, but it sounds like some of the wildest occurrences date back to her childhood. According to 10 Things You Don't Know, the singer attended multiple exorcisms while growing up in Barbados.

She'd apparently be in church when someone would suddenly get up, screaming and spinning out of control. One time, she and other kids had to be locked in a room away from what was happening. 

"It's funny now, but I swear at the time, I was, like, s--tting myself," Rihanna recalled in an interview.

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Singing Mr. Stark

Robert Downey Jr. a singer? Apparently!

And we're not just talking about a casual love for the occasional tune, either. In 2004, the actor signed an exclusive recording contract with the Sony Classical label, and later released his debut album, The Futurist. The record debuted at number 121 on the Billboard 200 chart, and sold around 16,000 copies in its first week!

Downey clearly opted for acting over singing, though he once told Billboard, "Nothing would please me more than if I could all but quit my day job and go play the Mint or Pantages."

Making Michael Mad

Rihanna and Michael Cera both made appearances in This Is the End, a 2013 comedy written and directed by Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen, and in one scene, the two hit each other. 

"Rihanna did slap the s--t out of him," Rogen revealed.

He then recalled the hilarious exchange in detail: "For real, he said, 'I'm actually going to slap the s--t out of your ass,' and she was like, 'I'm actually going to slap the s--t out of your face then.' We did it like six times, and the last time, he was like, 'I don't think I can do this anymore.'"

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Shacked Up With SJP

Downey first met Sarah Jessica Parker at age 18, and the two went on to live together for more than seven years! They were even considering marriage at one point—so much so that Parker frequently wore a diamond band on that finger, though she dismissed it as a "hanging out ring."

However, the pair's living situation later become more crowded when Kiefer Sutherland moved in. Awkwardly enough, Downey revealed that whenever he and Parker would fight, Sutherland was "looking after her." 

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National Rihanna Day

Rihanna has her very own holiday! 

February 22, two days after her birthday, is officially Rihanna Day in Barbados. The holiday was established in 2008 by Prime Minister David Thompson. Then, in 2017, Barbados' government officially changed the name of Westbury New Road to Rihanna Drive, giving the singer her very own street.

"My dreams were born on this very street right here: the street that I was raised on; the street that I grew up on," Rihanna told her fans in Barbados. "I couldn't be more honored."

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Real Life Superhero

Everyone knows that Downey played the iconic Marvel character of Iron Man/Tony Stark, but did you know that he became a real-life superhero to a 7-year-old boy with a partially disabled arm back in 2015?

Yep, that's right! Downey met with the child named Alex and presented him with a 3D-printed red and gold bionic arm, made to look just like Iron Man's. 

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Rain Courtesy of Rihanna

When non-stop rain and massive floods plagued the United Kingdom in 2007, British tabloid The Sun blamed Rihanna and the popularity of her song "Umbrella." The newspaper even urged its readers to stop buying and listening to the track!

Poor RiRi publicly stated that she felt bad about the weather, but insisted that it wasn't her fault. 

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Marvel's Mistake

On the subject of Iron Man...there was almost a world in which Downey wasn't the actor behind the famed superhero.

Here's how the story supposedly goes: Iron Man director Jon Favreau advocated for Downey to be cast, only for Marvel to straight-up say no. More specifically, Marvel reportedly said, "Under no circumstances are we prepared to hire him at any price."

However, Downey ultimately convinced Marvel to give him a screening test, and soon enough, he had the part!

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Lucrative Legs

There's all sorts of rumors about celebrities insuring different parts of their bodies, but it's not gossip to say that Rihanna's legs are insured for $1 million.

Shaving company Gillette named her the honoree of the Celebrity Legs of a Goddess award in 2007, and in order for Rihanna to protect her newly famous legs, they were insured for a million bucks.

Rihanna was totally fine with the expensive insurance, as long as she wasn't the one providing the money: "If it was my million dollars, I'd probably walk about in pants all day long."


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