Botched Patient Sheyla Has Had 32 Breast Surgeries & Still Isn't Happy! Hear All About Her Case

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Ready for a reduction.

On tonight's all-new Botched, new patient Sheyla turned to doctors Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow for help with her plastic surgery habit. Namely, after getting her first procedure at 21, the Brazilian-born New Jersey resident found herself going "under the knife every 6 months."

"It became a habit! It was like going to get my nails done at a nail salon," Sheyla explained in a confessional. "I have had 32 plastic surgeries in my breasts. I had all the CCs you can even think of."

After rattling off her various breast sizes, which maxed out at 5,500 CCs, Sheyla revealed she finally stopped once she became pregnant with her daughter Victoria. Although Sheyla had a reduction done in order to breast feed her daughter, she later, once again, increased her implant size.

Unfortunately, in recent years, Sheyla developed "chronic back pain." Thus, it was time to part ways with the "unnecessary weight."

"The smallest I can go is 1,000," Sheyla told the Botched camera before her consultation.

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During her consultation with the doctors, Sheyla shared more from her case file, including her every 6 months surgery schedule.

"Surgery every 6 months, that's not something I would recommend," Dr. Nassif sounded off. "The more times you have surgery, the higher the frequency of encountering a surgical or anesthetic complication."

As Sheyla continued, she revealed that she convinced one surgeon in Brazil to stack implants by showing the doctor a clip from Nip/Tuck. Yes, the fictional medical show by Ryan Murphy.

Unsurprisingly, that surgery had complications and required the implants to be removed. Eventually, Sheyla underwent one last surgery.


"I'm really interested in helping Sheyla," Dr. Dubrow remarked in a confessional. "The problem is that when you take a patient who's had a history of so many previous operations, like Sheyla, it makes you wonder whether you can ever truly make her happy."

In the exam room, Dr. Dubrow proposed reducing Sheyla's implant size, closing up her pocket and doing a lift.

"I think I sort of have to take your case because this is very high risk and I've done this before," Heather Dubrow's husband said.

Of course, Dr. Nassif asked Sheyla to make sure she was mentally prepared for the decreased breast size.

"I am 100 percent ready," Sheyla assured both doctors. "I can't wait."

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Yet, Sheyla wasn't feeling this way post-surgery. Amid the operation, Dr. Dubrow discovered that Sheyla only had 1,000 CC implants, despite her belief they were bigger.

In order to help with her back pain, Dr. Dubrow had to make the call to put in only 500 CCs in each breast.

"I'm feeling flat chested right now and I'm very, very upset," Sheyla lamented to the Botched camera. "There is no way in hell that I will keep 500 CCs."

Although Dr. Dubrow explained that he did what he "needed to do," Sheyla begged for the doctor to go back in and increase the implant size.

Eventually, after much-needed rest and healing, Sheyla embraced her new breasts—and even offered Dr. Dubrow an apology.

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"I came to realize how many doctors I'd been through and you were the only one that ever said no to me," she concluded. "And my back thanks you so much."

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