Brandy Releases First Album in 8 Years: Listen to b7

Brandy released her new album b7 on Friday, her first album since 2012's Two Eleven. Scroll to listen.

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Congratulations are in order for Brandy!

The 41-year-old singer dropped her seventh studio album b7 on Friday, which fans had been patiently waiting for. After all, the last album she released was Two Eleven in 2012.

According to a press release, the "15-track confessional" explores Brandy's journey over the past few years and how these experiences shaped her into the woman she is today. In a press release, she described it as her "most personal album to date" and explained how "every song tells a story."

"This is a beautiful moment for me," she also told her followers during a listening party on YouTube. "I haven't put out music in eight years, so this is a very, very special project to me. Every song on this album I experienced and I needed to sing about it so I can heal through a lot of my heartbreaks, a lot of my pains, my ups and downs with love and then self-discovery."


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Brandy collaborated with a number of artists, too, including Daniel Caesar for the song "Love Again" and Chance the Rapper for the hit "Baby Mama." She also worked with her daughter, Sy-rai Smith, on the song "High Heels."

In addition to releasing b7, which Brandy also co-produced, the Grammy winner dropped the music video for her single "Borderline."

Needless to say, fans seemed pretty excited about the new music.

"Brandy's voice is mesmerizing, magical, hypnotic, enchanting," one fan tweeted. "Like she really don't be trying to sound like anyone but herself. The authenticity of it all! #B7."

Added another, "Brandy humbly reminding us that she has the range with the way she flawlessly directed the flow of this album with her vocals from track one to fifteen."

Want to hear the songs?

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Check out the video and playlist above.

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