Jeffree Star Breaks Silence on YouTube Drama With Apology to James Charles

Jeffree Star has spoken publicly about his own behavior, nearly a month after Tati Westbrook waged new allegations against him and Shane Dawson.

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Watch: Jeffree Star Apologizes to James Charles

In his words, Jeffree Star is "doing what's right."

That's what the YouTube star titled his latest upload on Saturday following nearly a month-long absence from his famous channel, which has more than 17 million subscribers. In the video, the robe-clad beauty influencer sat on a couch as he addressed the ongoing saga involving fellow YouTube personalities Tati WestbrookShane DawsonJames Charles and himself.

Star's video comes almost a month after Westbrook resurfaced on her channel with new claims against Star and Dawson about how they were involved in last year's drama between her and Charles behind the scenes. In her recent video, Westbrook accused them of feeding her "poisonous lies" about Charles. She further claimed "Shane said that James Charles was a monster and that James Charles was hurting minors" and that Star sent her "what he claimed was an audio file from an alleged victim" before she posted her since-privated "Bye Sister" video. Charles has never been formally accused or charged with sexual misconduct. In his 2019 video titled "No More Lies," he stated in part, "I have never and would never and will never use my fame, money, or power to manipulate or get any sexual actions from a guy. That is disgusting."

In her most recent video, Westbrook said, addressing Charles, "I am so sorry that I allowed myself to be poisoned and weaponized against you. I'm sorry that I bought into any of their lies. Believing those lies and allowing myself to be gaslit into making that video is one of the biggest regrets of my life."

In a since-deleted tweet from Dawson that was shared shortly after Westbrook's video went live, he stated, "This is a f--king lie and I'm losing my mind!!!!!!!!!!" Dawson's attorney declined to comment. 

In Star's new video, he began, "I've been silent for a very long time. I know that's very rare for me. I've taken a lot of time to do a lot of self-reflection. Now in the past, I have been very guilty of speaking out of anger, out of frustration, out of my emotions. I'm so quick to grab my phone and just say whatever's on my mind in that moment, without ever really thinking the ramifications of my words, my actions."

He acknowledged, "For the first time in a very long time, I'm really reflecting on my behavior and mine alone...I've come to a lot of realizations and it's been really important to actually understand everything that I was a part of, that I did wrong and really start a new chapter for myself."

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"Did I slip up? Am I human? Have I done some f--ked up things?" he asked. "Of course I have. But, at the end of the day, today, once again, I will not be exposing anyone."

He continued, "Today, I will not be sitting here, showing a million text messages and all these things that allegedly are out out there...I will not be entertaining it. My lawyers are entertaining it behind the scenes, but I will not be."

Reflecting on his own behavior, Star was clear that, while he wasn't ready and didn't want to admit he was wrong in the past, he has no excuses now and is "fully admitting" his flaws. The makeup mogul acknowledged that when he gets "fired up," he doesn't think things through and doesn't "think about how my actions will affect others while I'm saying them."

"I know this may sound shocking coming from my mouth, but when you accept that you are the problem, you can become the solution," Star said. 

However, "I didn't try to take anyone down. I'm not a villain in a movie. This isn't a Netflix series with a crazy storyline," he said in his own defense. "I know it sounds like it and trust me, I'm sure I'd watch it as well, but this is my real life, and a lot of things that are happening and being said are false." 

Star said "we have to all take accountability for our own actions" and vowed to continue to do that. "I know that I've had a very hard time doing that in the past and that will not be happening again," he said. "Did I mix myself up in drama? Did I speak on things I shouldn't have speak on? Of course I did. Did I believe certain things instead of asking the source? Did I get caught up in the hype? Did I do dumb s--t and did I not just simply call James Charles and ask questions myself ? A hundred percent and that is my fault."

He then further addressed Charles, telling viewers, "I would like to personally apologize to James Charles for the words that I've said and for my actions...If I was really close with someone, I should have had the ability to just simply call them and ask and say, 'Hey these were the things that were being said to me.' Instead, I didn't. I let people really gas me up, get me going behind the scenes and I really fell for a lot of things and I got caught up in the hype."

Star added, "It's disgusting, it's awful, and none of it should have happened. So James, I am truly sorry for my actions and my behavior."

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Recognizing serious world events unfolding right now, Star pointed out, "Reality is here and makeup drama and beauty community gossip and tea, it may be entertainment for you and it used to be for me, but it's my life and it's their lives and right now outside of our walls, our world is falling apart and it's truly shocking, so I'm not going to give you an exposé of the beauty community, I'm not going to 'end' anyone today."

Seemingly in response to Westbrook's claim that he held "blackmail material" on many people, Star said, "I've never blackmailed anyone in my life, I've never committed a crime before and I've never been to jail."

He continued, "Involving 'the situation,' I would just like to say that James Charles, I'm very sorry. Anything else that you guys want to know, it will never be spoken about. You can ask other people. I, just like last year, have fully removed myself and did I get swept up into the bulls--t again? Of course I did, and for that, I'm forever embarrassed."


Star also made his support of and friendship with Dawson clear, following renewed criticism of Dawson's problematic past public behavior. "Shane Dawson, he is one of my best friends and someone who helped me remember who I am when I was starting to crack and lose focus of who I really was."

Star continued, "He is genuine, amazing, he is selfless, and he is one of the most kind people that I've ever met in my entire world. I know that Shane would put his family and friends before himself in a flash."

Seemingly referencing what allegedly unfolded between them, Westbrook and Charles, Star said, "Now, did Shane and I get caught up in the drama and do some dumb s--t? Of course we did, but that is my best friend and I was actually truly shocked that people thought that I was going to distance myself from him or that my silence was anything but support."

"I know Shane from now," he clarified. "I don't know Shane from 10 years ago and he doesn't know me from 10 years ago. Now, do I agree with Shane's past actions? Of course I don't. And does he agree with my past behavior? Of course he doesn't. I know the amazing person that he is today and you don't abandon your friends."

Toward the end of the video, Star pointed out that he is proud to own an inclusive makeup company, expressed his gratitude to his supportive fans and teased upcoming videos and products. 

He declared, "I will always use my platform and my voice for good."

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