Why John Boyega Fans Think He's "Moved On" From Star Wars

Has John Boyega moved on from playing Finn in Star Wars? The actor's Instagram post has fans talking.

By Elyse Dupre Jul 20, 2020 1:51 PMTags
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Has the Force pulled John Boyega in a different direction?

The 28-year-old actor had Star Wars fans buzzing after he suggested he's "moved on" from his role in the film franchise. It all started after the star, who plays Finn, posted a photo of himself at work on Instagram.

"Back on set! Have a nice day everyone," he captioned the pic.

A commenter then offered a suggestion for Boyega's character. "Force Finn in action with Green lightsaber dressed in black is all I want from the next SW film!" the fan wrote. 

However, Boyega responded by writing, "LOL, no thank you. I've moved on." 

After a follower wrote Boyega "really just got those Disney bucks and dipped," the celebrity set the record straight. "Nope. Not into playing one role for too long," he replied. "I have more to offer than that. That's all."

Another commenter then asked if this meant Boyega wouldn't revisit his character Moses from Attack the Block again, either.

"I haven't played Moses in over a decade," Boyega replied. "I'd love to revisit him. Now he is BADASS."

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As fans are well aware, Boyega starred in several Star Wars films, including Star Wars: Episode VII, The Force Awakens; Star Wars: Episode VIII, The Last Jedi and Star Wars: Episode IX, The Rise of Skywalker

But during a 2019 interview with MTV News, he suggested he wouldn't play his character again. "Honestly, in the bottom of my heart, I don't think I am….I really do feel that way. This really is that movie," he said referencing 2019's The Rise of Skywalker. "I think everyone doesn't believe it, but this is that war that just ends everything."

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As for his future projects, Boyega has a lot in the works. According to Variety, he's set to star in BorderlandSmall Axe and Naked Singularity.

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