RHOBH Sneak Peek: Watch Denise Richards Offer Up a Stern Warning to Lisa Rinna

Longtime friends Denise Richards and Lisa Rinna have an awkward chat in this all-new The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills sneak peek!

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Denise Richards is putting her foot down.

In this exclusive clip from Wednesday's all-new The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the 49-year-old actress tells Lisa Rinna how she really feels following their disastrous trip to Santa Barbara, Calif. As fans of the show surely recall, Denise found herself at odds with her fellow Housewives after they struggled to comprehend her anti-sex talk stance.

"Well, this group tends to hold onto things," Lisa reminds Denise.

Not accepting this excuse, the Wild Things actress warns: "Well, move onto something else, because I'm not the one to do that with."

Meanwhile, back at BBQ, Kyle Richards sounds off on Denise and husband Aaron Phypers' behavior.

"She was feeling weird, brought him, gave him the heads up about Santa Barbara and he was ready to pounce like a f--king leopard on a rock," the RHOBH OG declares. "And he can go f--k off!"

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Refusing to let this drama derail her party, Kyle encourages the other ladies to drink and join her in a lavish tent.

Although the rest of the ladies are unbothered by Denise's dramatic exit, Lisa is still trying to get to the bottom of her friend's frustrations.

"All of a sudden, you're like gone, so I wanted to know that you're ok! As my friend, if you're ok," Lisa notes.

In response to this sentiment, Denise reveals she's the most upset with Lisa.

"As your friend, I want to talk to you privately because you hurt my feelings in Santa Barbara," Charlie Sheen's ex states. "But I don't want [their] f--king opinions in our friendship."

As the conversation ends, Denise and Aaron reveal they're heading out to enjoy a steak and a strip club.

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"Wait, what?!" Lisa expresses in a confessional. "I somehow hurt your feelings and you're really mad and hurt about it, but, 'We're going to get a steak and we're going to a strip club.' How do you say that if you're being all high and mighty about a threesome?"

In typical Lisa Rinna fashion, the Bravolebrity runs back to the party and declares, "It's so f--king weird."

Watch the drama play out in the exclusive clip above!

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