Lucy Hale Breaks Down in Tears While Announcing Katy Keene Cancellation

Lucy Hale took to social media to share the news that her TV show Katy Keene has been canceled after one season.

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Lucy Hale is speaking out about the cancellation of her show, Katy Keene.

It was announced late Thursday night that the CW series was not picked up for a second season, prompting a tearful Hale to send a message to fans on social media.

"Hi guys, this is take...I've had to do this a couple times just 'cause I was a blubbering mess, and y'all don't want to see that," Hale shared with her fans in the video message. "I've kind of struggled all day with what I wanted to say about this, or if I shouldn't say anything...nothing felt right."

The 31-year-old actress continued, "I was like, I don't want to just post a picture or a caption because nothing would do justice to how I feel about Katy Keene or how I feel with the people involved with it."

Hale added that the show was "one of the highlights" of her life and that it was a "joy from top to bottom."

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"We did not get picked up for a second season, which happens," Hale explained. "It's happened a few times to me and each time it's just like...just heartbreaking. I mean, it's a job that has broken my heart numerous times."

As she teared up, Hale told her followers, "This is bad, this a bad one....oh my God, sorry, it will take some time to get over."

Hale went on to say that she's grateful for "the role of a lifetime" and for the cast and crew of the show. The former Pretty Little Liars star then thanked the fans for the support.

"I cannot stress how amazing you are, all the time, no matter what," Hale said to her fans. "You've just been there for me and you've supported everything I've done and like, what the f--k? I'm just so lucky."

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Hale said it's moments like this that she realizes how lucky she really is.

"Oh s--t, sorry," Hale told her followers as she wiped away tears. "If you want to keep supporting our show and watching our show...I actually recommend that, I'm so proud of what we made."

"I think that sometimes things just don't work out and maybe it was just not the right time for it, I don't know, I'm a little confused," Hale added, letting fans know the show is available on HBO Max.

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