What to Watch This Weekend: Our Top Binge Picks for June 27-28

A new season of Crazy Delicious, every episode of South Park, Will Ferrell's latest comedy and more made our weekly list of our streaming recommendations

By Tierney Bricker Jun 26, 2020 6:00 PMTags
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The best way to avoid the end of June Gloom? Spending some quality time on your couch with friends. And by friends, we mean our top binge picks, obviously. 

For the last weekend of June, we've got several offerings for you, including a gentle reminder to watch two films that are free to stream through the end of the month on all platforms. No time like the present, people. 

For June 27 and June 28, there's a new comedy from Will Ferrell and Rachel McAdams, a comedy duo we never knew we needed but now can't live without, and a crazy and a delicious new food competition series that looks as crazy and delicious as the food it features. Plus, are you ready for all 23 seasons of an iconic animated series to be available? 

Here are our top picks to stream this weekend, including a virtual festival, two new guilty pleasures on Netflix and more...

Netflix's Black Lives Matter Programming

If You Still Have Dreams of Willy Wonka's Factory and Its Edible Everything: Three cooks. Three food goods. One edible world. Endless creativity. That is the recipe required to win Crazy Delicious, the new cooking competition series that looks whimsical and downright magical. Hosted by Jayde Adams and featuring celeb chef judges Carla Hall (forever our favorite!), Niklas Ekstedt and Heston Blumenthal, Crazy Delicious has its competitors forage the vast set to make the most creative and inventive meals possible in order to win the golden apple. (Where to Watch: Netflix)

E! Illustration

If You Know Who Killed Kenny: Clear your schedule and stock up on snacks 'cause over 300 episodes of Comedy Central's classic animated series South Park are finally coming to a streaming service. Yep, all 23 seasons of Cartman, Stan, Kyle and Kenny's adventures are just waiting for you to watch, laugh and gasp over. And we'd say some of the episodes are NSFW, but since some of us are still working from home, we'll also add: NSFH. (Where to Watch: HBO Max)

If You Just Need a Laugh and Ridiculously Catchy Songs to Listen to: It's almost like Will Ferrell knew we needed him right now. The comedy superstar has teamed up with Rachel McAdams in the comedy no one saw coming this summer: Eurovision Song Contest: The Legend of Fire Saga. It's a title fitting for a movie about the weirdest reality competition in the world, the Eurovision Song Contest, with Ferrell and McAdams playing Lars and Sigrit, two Icelandic hopefuls hoping to win the contest. No, that wasn't a Mad Libs, it's an actual movie streaming in 2020 and we're so grateful. (Where to Watch: Netflix)

Your Favorite '90s and '00s Movies Streaming Now on Netflix

If You Want to Spent the Last Weekend of Pride Month At a Festival: Um, of course you do! Amazon is hosting "Pride Inside," a virtual festival all weekend long, featuring performances from artists like Betty Who and The Aces, as well as access to exclusive dance routines taught by celeb choreographers. 

And start your engines now because 16 fan-favorites from RuPaul's Drag Race, including Heidi N Closet, Monique Heart and Manila Luzon, will take the stage for make-up tutorials, in-depth conversations, performances and more. It's set to be a fully immersive and fun weekend that you can take part in with up to nine friends by creating a profile, and you can even design your own float, flag and t-shirt, which you will receive for free. (Where to Participate: PrimeVideoPrideInside.com)

If You Are Still Missing Live Sports and Are Still Mourning the Loss of the Summer Olympics: OK, so it's not live and they technically aren't Olympic sports, but Netflix's new docuseries Home Game takes viewers around the world to explore sports you probably have never heard of. Eight episodes and narrated by Mark Strong, each outing focuses on one unusual and unique sport and the community and culture surrounding it, like Congo's Catch Fétiche, which is voodoo wrestling. Um, maybe that should be an Olympic sport?! (Where to Watch: Netflix)

Courtesy Warner Bros. Pictures

If You Haven't Yet Taken Advantage of the Free Movies This Month: It's your last weekend to stream must-see movies like Just Mercy, starring Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Foxx, and Ava DuVernay's critically acclaimed drama Selma, which were made available for free amid the Black Lives Matter movement. What are you waiting for? (Where to Watch: All streaming platforms)

If You Are Obsessed With True Crime: Keep the lights on and tune into I'll Be Gone in the Dark, the new docu-series about writer Michelle McNamara's search for the Golden State Killer prior to her tragic death in 2016. Following her passing, her husband Patton Oswalt teamed with a crime writer and researcher to finish her manuscript, with the book going on to become a best-seller.

In the new series, director Liz Garbus blends together a study of McNamara's life and the chilling decades-long murder spree of the Golden State Killer, with Joseph James DeAngelo being arrested in 2018 after DNA evidence tied the former police officer to the case. (Where to Watch: HBO and HBO Max, Sundays)

The Best Summer Movies...Ever

If You Want to Know What All the F--king Hype Is About: OK, is it just us or are there two recent releases our friends have been talking about but only in hushed voices with a hint of shame in them? First, there's Floor Is Lava, which is literally that game you would play with your cousins until one of you fell and hit your head but now with adults playing it and real-ish lava to avoid. It's dumb. It's ridiculous. We can't stop watching it. (Where to Watch: Netflix)

And then there is 365 Days, which is basically the Polish 50 Shades of Grey about a woman who is kidnapped by a Sicilian mafia boss. He tells her she has a year to fall in love with him. She says it will never happen. Can you guess what happens?

The basically softcore film actually is actually in the rare group of movies that has a 0% on Rotten Tomatoes. Alas, it is one of the streaming giant's most-watched offerings, despite most people likely clearing their viewing history after, um, finishing. (Where to Watch: Netflix)

Marvel / Walt Disney Studios

If You Think Cap Should've Kept His Beard Longer: Ah, remember that brief, wonderful moment when Steve Rogers was too sad to shave, growing a beard while on the run? He ended up shaving it and reporting for duty clean-shaven in Endgame, but #theinternetremembers. Fortunately, you can relive that period with Avengers: Infinity War hitting Disney+ this week. Listen, we'll take any excuse we can to celebrate Chris Evans, K? (Where to Watch: Disney+) 

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